Enjoy fresh air in your home without annoying disease carrying bugs by installing Flexiscreens on your Doors and Windows.

  • They fix to the window frame on all 4 sides by a continuous strip of 13mm width self-adhesive VELCRO® Brand fastener providing that slim neat appearance.
  • The beauty of Flexiscreens is its functionality, it can be folded for storage and posting. The VELCRO® Brand fastener affords the Flexiscreen up to 10,000 openings, we don’t know of any other window screen that can boast such durability.
  • Customers that have bought them for their vans boast their Flexiscreens hold on @ speeds of 110km/h. So they won't blow off your windows!
  • Being custom made means it can be used for any shape and size, even out of square and rhomboid. Extra large windows and outside entertainment areas can be screened with ease using Flexiscreens.
  • If you want Flexiscreens for your windows; first decide where you will stick the VELCRO® Brand fastener to attach your Flexiscreens and measure from there.
  • Use our secure order page on line to place your order. Free delivery to your door ready for easy DIY install.
  • Each screen is made to your measurements.
  • Your Flexiscreens come with simple installation instructions and alcohol swabs to prepare the window frame for the self adhesive VELCRO® Brand fastener, no tools or tradesmen needed, free delivery!