Flexiscreens® provide a safe and effective barrier for your loved ones against disease carrying mosquitoes and flies so install Flexiscreens® on your Doors and Windows.

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A family-owned, Australian company

Flexiscreens® flexible insect screens are manufactured in Tasmania Australia, by the family business owned and operated by Carol & John McGrath.

Built on ethical foundations

Our insect screens are made in Australia under fair working conditions. After visiting factories filled with both adults and children working in unacceptable conditions it was evident that manufacturing Flexiscreens® overseas was not an option. We decided to keep production in Australia under ethical, safe and monitored conditions.
Countries like India, Africa and China are exploited by the developed world as slave nations, we should open our eyes and reduce the ignorance. Sweatshops should not be a part of our modern world. Support Australian made, young people and the ethics you believe in and buy Flexiscreens® insect screens!