Insect Screens for Doors

Below are photos for door applications.

  • Flexiscreens suit most door styles be it a fancy security door like the first 3 pics below or a French Door opening where you walk through.
  • Fancy security door screens fix on all 4 sides of the door with a continuous strip of 13mm width Velcro fastener.
  • Flexiscreens that you walk through fix to your door frame with a continuous strip of 25mm width self adhesive Velcro fastener along the top and 13mm Velcro for the left and right hand side, the bottom remains free for access.
  • For large doors we recommend using 25mm width Velcro for the sides also this gives that extra hold in a large space.
  • Flexiscreens suit our four legged friends too; please see YouTube below.
  • Flexiscreens work well for Sliding doors, Bi-fold, French Doors, Ranch style, Pocket doors, Stacker Doors, Concertina Doors, Flush Doors or even a Garage Door.
  • Each door screen is custom made with one magnetic closure this is placed central by default. If you want more than one magnetic closure and offset just tell us.
  • We use strong neodymium magnets spaced @ 100mm apart for the magnetic closure, these do not weaken or rust over time ensuring closure.
  • Flexiscreens enable a hands free, pet friendly access through your door while creating an insect free barrier to your home.
  • If you want Flexiscreens for your doors; first decide where you will stick the Velcro fastener to attach your Flexiscreens and measure from there.
  • Use our secure order page on line to place your order, (Or just send an email, or call us direct) Prices are inclusive of fast free delivery to your door ready for an easy DIY install.
  • Each screen is made to your exact measurements.
  • Your Flexiscreens arrive with easy install instructions and alcohol swabs to prepare the window frame for the self adhesive Velcro fastener, no tools or tradesmen needed, it is that easy so why not try one!