Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Have all the creature comforts without all “The Little Creatures” by installing Flexiscreens on your Doors and Windows.

Feedback from our Customers

Richard VIC
Hi guys. Love your product and have got 3 years out of it with 2 kids charging through it on scooter, trikes and every other imaginable toy. Everyone comments on how great a product it is. Regards Richard

Reid VIC
We ordered the screens on Wednesday night and they were waiting us when we got home from work on Friday.
I don’t know what sort of black magic was involved, but I’ve never had an experience like this. And they fit perfectly!
Thanks so much!

Cath QLD
Thank you for making such an awesome screen.  We installed yesterday, we had it for a week but got delayed in installing it works and looks amazing.  We will have found it sticks to our steps and door a bit but that is because they are steel as well, the joys of living on a bus and there are many
just wanted to let you know we are extremely happy with your product and the awesome service we received.
thank you we will certainly be telling everyone about you in fact we have already started.

Valerie NSW
I recently purchased a screen from you for my back door.
I would like to let you know how happy I am with this product. When I received the parcel I couldn’t believe how small it was. The quality of the material is really fantastic.
Even though it around 3 meters high and my little doggie is only tiny, she is even happy with it and has learnt to open the door with her nose.
Thank you again,

I am sending this on behalf of my sister, Valerie. She asked me to take some photos just to show you how Lilli gets through the new flyscreen door at  Queen’s Park. We couldn’t video it, sorry.
Valerie also said to tell you Lilli has to move fast through the door or her fluffy tail gets caught. That has happened a couple of times but is not enough to stop her from using the door. She is quite a timid puppy too.
Once again, they are really happy with the screen and will pass the word on!

Michele USA
I love my screen, but unfortunately we just took it down for the season.  I just un-attached it and rolled it up and put it in a drawer. 
I did however, probably sell it to at least two friends that just LOVED it.  I put it on my front door and it stayed wonderfully even with two dogs 50+ pounds bolting in and out.  AND NO MORE FLIES IN THE HOUSE!!!!
Can’t wait to use it all next summer.  Very nice quality product.

Caroline NSW
I am so pleased I bought your Flexiscreens product.  It was easy to install as promised and makes life so much more pleasant as the animals have easy access into the house but the insects don’t! I have already recommended it to a couple of people and will continue to do so in the future.
Thanks again

Adam ACT
Just to let you know. We have had one of your Flexiscreens on our back doors for over a year now. Our 2 large dogs have given it a solid workout and its still looking fantastic and closing perfectly every time. Everyone comments on how good it looks and how practical it is. I appreciate the service you have provided and keep up the good work. Its a brilliant product.

Brigitte NSW
I’m very happy with my purchase …it was quick …it was easy to put up…and it stays up…good quality
I give you 10/10 for service and product
Kind regards,

Denise NT
The screens arrived when you said they would (Michael, my husband, did not believe they would – you proved him wrong!).  We hung them yesterday and they look excellent.
Michael has already been trained to use the tabs.
Thanks again for a great product and excellent service

Rachel VIC
Sorry to take so long to reply. I wanted to paint our patio door before securing the fly screen, but the weather or other commitments seemed to conspire against me!
From beginning to end, dealing with you both was a delight. I had investigated several options for our patio door and met with either no help at all, or very expensive options.
Flexiscreens offered the perfect solution – an effective fly screen during the warmer months, that could be removed when it wasn’t required. All my questions regarding measurements and suitability were answered immediately and were extremely helpful. Once ordered, the screen arrived within a few days – even before the predicted delivery date.
I followed the installation instructions to the letter and the whole process was very straight forward – and the final result is perfect. My girls (6 and 4) have been running through it relentlessly and it’s stood up to their in-house quality control testing. It’s great if you have your hands full as you can burst through it if you need to and the magnets zip up with a very satisfying sound behind you. In short – we couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for providing us with  the perfect, most cost effective solution to our fly screen problem.

Natalie VIC
Hi, sorry for the late reply!  Really enjoyed my Flexiscreens experience: website easy to use, booking smooth, kept informed through out the process, and best of all it only took a matter of a few days to arrive!  See attached for my installed screen.  Have already recommended you to a work colleague who needs some screens.

Margaret NSW
We are extremely happy with our Flexiscreens. It looks good & is robust enough to cope with our constant comings & goings onto our verandah.
I have attached a couple of photographs showing it in place.
Regards – Margaret

Dear Carol and John,
Sorry it’s taken so long to respond.  You are right, we have been as busy as lizards drinking on a hot day.
We are extremely happy with the end product.  The fitting is nigh on exact and does the job beautifully.  Just as important as the product has been your high standard of service and professionalism.  I have had a terrible experience with an online business dealing with military medal stickers and dealing with you has restored my faith in people.

Adriana New Zealand
Sorry, it has taken me a long time before I had the time to put it up.
But now it is, and I am very pleased with it.
Your service is impeccable: very fast delivery and very good communication.
All my friends have been interested in your screens.
Hopefully I will be able to order more soon.
Best regards

Jeff TAS Hi Carol and john,
Well it’s not often that a product exceeds all expectations but your screens have done so. They are fantastic! Easy to install, look great ,easy to walk through and the blow fly problem has disappeared. I will send photos soon. In the meantime I will measure up the rest of our doors and windows for some new screens too. Get back to you soon. By the way everyone who saw them were impressed, so you may get some new orders too!

David NSW
Hi Carol and John
I purchased four window screens  (sash windows) which are everything I wanted – a clever solution to a difficult problem.  They were easy to fit and are hardly visible.  These four windows are upstairs and to have external screens was going to be very difficult and expensive owing to our awnings and difficult access,  so Flexiscreens were a wonderful solution.
The door screen had to be a reveal fit which you warned me might be less than perfect.  It became obvious to me that eventually the Velcro would fail at the top centre and side bottoms.  I put in a four wide head 1cm nails through the Velcro in each of these three areas and I am confident that there will be no problems.
Great service and an even greater product.  Thank you.

Hi Carol and John,
I don’t usually reply to surveys or feed backs, but in this case I am making an exception. I bought this screen for my daughter and her partner for their first home. They where dubious to say the least. The door it is fitted to opens out and could only take a split or a concertina screen. With 2 year old, I thought this was the best option. Ben fitted the sticky back Velcro strips (according to instructions ) within 30 minutes, then hung screen next day. Still not sure, waited a couple of days for screen to settle, now very happy. Would I recommend Your Products to family, friends and acquaintances Yes I already have. Thanks very much Kevin.

Melanie QLD
Hi Carol and John
Thank you very much for all your help with my quest to fly screen my french doors.  Your service is second to none and i was very surprised to see my order arrive as quickly as it did.  I installed it today and it works better than I anticipated and looks fantastic too.
I will have no hesitation in making another order if necessary or recommending you.
Thanks again

Katrina Australia,
BEST THING WE HAVE BOUGHT EVER! Absolutely LOVE this product!
Thanks so much, the whole experience has been a pleasure, (well we were a bit nervous putting the sticky stuff on cos we didn’t want to get it wrong.) Dogs got the idea of the magnetic closure straight away and it does not take away from the light or the view! Thanks again! I look forward to telling everyone about your product and using you again in the future!

David USA,
Thank you for the follow up – many American companies could learn from your customer service! For most of the 60 years of my life we’ve opened the casement window, put a wooden screen in and had to store the screen somewhere when it was closed. Most inconvenient. Now all we have to do is lift the corner, open or close the window — so much easier.
Thank you for a great product and great service.

Brian Australia,
As promised, here’s the photo. It’s a triple casement window. This window has an internally fitted security grill. The Flexiscreen anchored to the outside frame of the grill, allows easy access to catch and lock. We’re very happy with the way it works. An alternative was to have a similar setup using magnetic anchoring, but the quote was over $160 and your price was $63! The company that does the magnetic ones insists on a site measure and return to fit. Your flexiscreen was definitely a better alternative.

Andrew Australia,
I am very happy with the Flexiscreen – the quality is good, the instructions were clear and it went up without difficulty. It looks great!! My windows all lie behind bars, making conventional flyscreens almost impossible to use. This is an ideal solution. I have 4 more windows that need flyscreens, so I will be ordering more shortly. Thanks for the follow up!

Robert Australia,
Thanks for the follow up we appreciate it. The wife and I are very happy with the product and it has worked exceptionally well for us. Before midgees could squeeze through our security screened door but they are foiled now with the flexiscreen micromesh. We will be ordering more in the future.

Lin Australia,
Just wanted to say BEAUTIFUL! and thanks very much. Magnetic openings also worked like a treat. We didn’t get round to replacing the laundry yet due to the wet weather but did a quick mock up and looks like it is going to fit well this time round. Fingers crossed. 

Clancy Australia,
Yes they are great, I actually only got them up the other day and everyone is happy with them. The cut out works great also. Thank you for your assistance with the ordering etc.

Peter USA,
The door screen is installed and fits perfectly. A carpenter friend once said “Measure twice, cut once”. I measured twice and then just as carefully converted the opening dimensions from Imperial to metric. Your installation directions and caveats were well written. The job took a while so as to ensure satisfactory completion. I’m very pleased with the results, and I’d recommend your product to others. The job goes well if your directions are followed. Thank you. Suggest that you add a world map highlighting the countries to which you’ve shipped product (for those who think that Tasmania is just a mite too far from which to conduct business.)

Kornelius Australia,
We have received the package and installed it. It looks really nice. The mesh doesn’t look cheap and the measurement and all are perfect. Everybody in the office loves it. Thank you very much. Application of the Velcro supplied in your package was straight forward albeit a mite tedious to get it right without touching the sticky surface. Per your suggestion I let it cure for a day before mounting the screen.

Ronald Australia,
We received our door Flexiscreen yesterday in the mail and I completed the installation this morning. It fits perfectly, is very well made, and we are delighted with the result. I have attached 2 images of our french door which is now fly proof.

Adene UK,
I was going through my email folders and found your email – I don’t think I replied to you so I thought I would just drop you a line to let you know that the screen we purchased from you was perfect, it arrived quite quickly considering it was coming from the other side of the world and my husband had fixed the screen up in about 10 minutes. What a difference it made to us this year, no pesky flies, wasps etc getting into our conservatory, which also meant no bees or butterflies getting in and ending up dying from the heat if they couldn’t find their way out. Our Labrador found it easy to get in and out through the magnetic opening you put into the screen for us. So overall, a great purchase and we have already passed your details on to a couple of our friends. 

Sharon Australia,
My screens arrived today – just as you said it would. Thank you.
Thanks also for being so easy to do business with. I was a bit nervous that I’d mess up the measurements, but thanks to the easy to follow instructions on your website I placed the order. Now only a few short days later my flexible screens arrived. I haven’t finished hanging them (I’m allowing 24 hours for the glue on the tape to cure) but the sizes look spot on. They are of a much higher quality than I’d expected, the flexible screen feels much nicer than the traditional stiff fly screen I’ve seen. I’m so impressed with the high level of customer service you provide, its made the whole process so easy. Thank you and best wishes with your business. 

Robert Australia,
I’m delighted with my Flexiscreens experience. I needed a bit of help on the phone and by email from Carol when ordering, due to my tricky installation (not much space due to plantation shutters intruding). The end result is a perfect fit, not a millimetre to spare, and is the perfect solution. At last we can open our bedroom casement windows at night and not get bitten alive.
Great product and great service!

Sandra Australia,
I am very pleased with my flexi screen,it has been a godsend this summer, can have the door open and no flies…..though the dogs do come and go a little too often, they think it is great they can now sneak in…. I have had a few friends take down your contact and were looking at ordering their own. 

Jonathan US Embassy
I checked with our Public Affairs office. You can list us on your website, etc. as a customer – but unfortunately I can’t give you a product endorsement or similar statement. I would if I could; everyone is very happy with the screens though!

Chris Australia,
The screen has been installed for about 6 weeks now and we are really enjoying the protection from insects when having the door open as well as the airflow through the house. As the door is an odd size (double glazed) it was almost impossible to get something that would fit and give us airflow as well as insect protection but this is a great solution.

Cara Australia,
Loving the flexiscreens. Dogs mastered using it straight away. Keeps the bugs out nicely and the dogs can come and go with ease. Can’t wait to finish my deck area to get some more for enclosing it. Have also referred you to others looking for the same thing. 

Ronald Australia
Since installing Flexiscreen on the french doors to our kitchen we have been able to have them open in summer for the first time in 6 years without the house being full of flies. The product fits perfectly and is visually unobtrusive. We are delighted with Flexiscreens. 

Monica Australia,
I’m very happy with the screen. So much so that it passed my tests and I will be ordering another another much larger for a bi fold door I’m having installed. I’ll be in touch about that.
The screen has proven easy to install (with the help of excellent detailed instructions – thank you.), and the dogs love being able to race out by themselves when they hear something. I have even trained them to only come through when invited. I can carry shopping, grandsons and all sorts of equipment in and out with ease. Love it. 

Michelle Australia,

Just quickly to let you know how fabulous your door screen is and I can’t tell you how many people want one. I pass on your details to anyone who asks. I’m a bit technologically challenged so a photo is a big ask, but I’ll see if my partner is willing to send you a photo.

Keith Australia.
I finally got around to completing the installation of the screens, having painted the woodwork for the Flexiscreens. The process was easy, having been supplied with the extra Velcro (not needed) plus alcohol wipes to clean the woodwork & increase adhesion. The screens fitted perfectly and are functional, inexpensive & easy to install with most professional correspondence & confirmation of the request for product before processing the final order. I have no hesitation in fully recommending this product.

Sarah New Zealand,
The Flexiscreens are great. Can’t think of any improvements. Visitors hardly see them and they hold well in our winds.Thank you for such a great product and service prompt.

David Australia,
As requested, here are a couple of photos of the FlexiScreen installed. I’m so happy with it as it has not been damaged by my enthusiastic dog coming and going through it and it was easy to install and looks very professional. Much better that the $20 version from the local hardware store!!

Robert Australia,
Let me take the opportunity again to thank you for your excellent product and service. We have enjoyed a bug-free summer in our bedroom with the windows wide open for months on end.
As a memory jogger, attached is the original email thread where Carol helped me out during the ordering process. If you read this you will see that I was agonising over my difficult window setup, with lots of window hardware and plantation shutters to deal with. Carol’s advice proved to be spot-on and the final solution is perfect. Your product is the only product that would have worked for our windows. I’m very glad I found it! 

Ralph Netherlands,
Last friday on May the 15th we’ve received the parcel. The transit time was therefore exactly 3 weeks. Friday night I installed the Velcro and let it dry the whole saturday. Today, sunday, we’ve installed the door screen. It works perfectly. I intended to have the sides of the door screen with 25 mm velcro, but the delivered 13mm on the sides seems to be strong enough. Thank you for the delivered product. 

Philip Australia,
Absolutely brilliant!!!! I’ve been meaning to contact you and tell you how good the screen is working. The dimensions were perfectly cut as well, all we can see is the magnetic strip down the centre and the best thing of all, we are mozzie free and sleeping soundly once more. I’ll take a picture tomorrow and email it to you.

John Australia,
It does live up to my expectations. Our upstairs bedroom had external fitted fly screen on the east side. We never opened the sash windows on the west side of the room because no fly screen and lots of flies during the day and mosquitoes at night. Now with your product we can open that window when we like and as well as keeping out the bugs it also produces a breeze through the room. Love it.

Darran Australia,
Absolutely loving our Flexiscreen – our only regret is that we didn’t buy it years ago! We’ve had a very busy house over the Christmas period and everyone has been VERY impressed by the addition of the screen for our door. I’ll pull out the camera and send you a photo soon.

Sue Australia,
Well here you go…..this was very easy. The pooch has already been out through it and not phased. Most of the time I will keep the door closed but the freedom of not having to is unbelievable and no bead blind blowing around making a noise – just love it. It looks fantastic, I am thrilled with how easy it was to do and your service is fabulous. 

Joanna Australia,
All good. Screens have all been put up now. We totally love this product and your prompt service & delivery. We recommend flexiscreens to our friends and family all the time. We have now done all the windows in our house (except 1 – still un renovated room)..with flexiscreens. So easy to take down & wash! And they give a really neat tidy finish to the window and room…previously we had ratty screens with wooden frames that did not fit properly, previous owners had filled some gaps with silicone, and in the kitchen I had covered the gaps with masking tape! All gone now, clean tidy white flexiscreens, no gaps, no mess, no fuss! YAYAYAYAY Thanks for the follow up!

Diane Australia,
Flexiscreens has exceeded every expectation. I don’t know if you are aware of WA conditions, but in the summer we are overwhelmed with flies and your screen has completely eradicated these little pests from our house. Not only has that problem been fixed but our gorgeous Beagle, Zoe just loves to go in and out through the screen without a single noise. I have recommended your product to numerous people and asked them to mention my name when they order. I know you will look after them.

Ben Australia,
Yes we love it, it looks great and works! My neighbours liked them as well and obviously I quoted your website to them one of them has not build as yet but will start shortly and he liked it because they got a small dog and do not want a doggy door (If I had one I wouldn’t one either) and Yes, PLEASE use the photos for your site and brochures, I won’t ask for monies, I’ll be happy to help you! 

Michelle Auatralia,
Thank you we are very happy indeed. With 4 boys and many friends and family coming through our back sliding door, we have have had to change the fly screen every couple of months but not anymore. It looks great too and when I show people they think they are a wonderful idea.

Julie Australia,
Hi, the screens are perfect, except the cat has worked out how to get in but not how to get out. Have attached a photo of the french doors and am considering the screens for the front door but they will be a little bit trickier. 

Juliet Australia,
really pleased with the made to measure magnetic doors bought from yourselves last week. Decided to do the windows too.

Michael USA
Well first of all I am completely happy with my purchase and I believe my kids and dog are too!! Easy access to getting in and out without waiting for my wife or I to open up the screen. Also, it has been a major benefit when going outside with my hands full as I am getting ready to grill something for dinner. My friends like the concept.

Kristi Australia,
Thanks for the followup. I am 100% satisfied with my flexiscreen – what an amazing solution to adding an insect screen to a pre-existing security door! And it was super easy to attach. I also note it’s simple to remove which I will need to so soon to clean the door (as you can see from the pics it’s a bit grotty…sorry). I would definitely purchase from you again and recommend a Flexiscreen product.

Luke Australia,
Yes they were easy to install and are a much better alternative to the aluminium framed screens. We will be ordering more in the future.

Chris Australia,
We are very happy with the flyscreen, having an odd size doorway and tried a retracting roller type screen which was a waste of time and money. Flexiscreen does the job very well indeed. 

Sheridan Australia,
The two sets of Flexiscreens I ordered have worked just as I thought they would. Very easy to install and I can now leave the two doors opened to let the breeze through without having to worry about insects coming in! Fantastic! Also the little dog visiting from Queensland very quickly became used to going in and out of the opening. So thank you once again for a wonderful product.

Ruth Australia,
We are so happy with our flexiscreen, it fitted perfectly, the magnets are amazing and it is just what we needed for that door opening. Thanks for your prompt service as well. 

Anthony Australia,
I am very happy with the magnetic door screens. I no longer need to get up to let the dog or cat out / in and the mosquitoes are no longer feeding on me.

Andrew Australia,
Really pleased. They have installed fantastically (despite the wet weather up here – used a hair dryer to ensure wood was dry enough) and look great. My neighbour is about to order a bunch of them for his entire house. I also have some friends who own a cattle property just outside Longreach (Denton). They are going to order after I showed them what had been installed here. Will be back to you with photos and a further order for the downstairs windows. Thanks – innovative product that exceeded my expectations.

Vicki Australia,
We are very pleased with our Flexiscreen. It really has met all our expectations. Having evaporative air conditioning, we were getting flys and mosquitos hovering around the back door for the cool breeze. Every time someone went in or out the back door they would swarm on in. Since installing the Flexiscreen at the end of the alcove, we barely have any bugs in the house! Not only does it keep the bugs out but it helps hold the cool air in the alcove which keeps the dog nice and cool. Everyone’s a winner!! I would certainly recommend them to anyone.

Tom USA,
Please find attached a picture of one of the screens in the casement window of our condo in Chicago. We love them and were the best solution for us. We are on the 17th floor which looks out on the whole north side of the city. We have recommended to others and would continue to do so. 

Judy Australia,
The Flexiscreen is fantastic and I am really glad I found out about them. Even my cats are getting the hang of walking through the magnets. 

Bill Australia,
I’ve started installing the Flexiscreens today. The company who manufactured our security grills installed them just this morning. Before they finished I had already installed two flexiscreens. They were very impressed not having seen anything like them before. So far so good, the screens are going on well and my measurements are pretty well spot on as is your manufacture. I hope to have them all installed by next week. I find them very easy to install having installed five so far. I’ll take some photos as you suggested. When I do, I’ll select what I think shows them to the best advantage. Kathryn hasn’t come home yet so she will be surprised how good they look

Patricia Hong Kong,
Thanks for the screens! They are perfect, such a clever approach. I’m so happy to be able to open my windows for fresh air without bugs coming in. 

Franco Malta,
Grand! Many thanks. Communication, and delivery, all as promised in the offering. 

Pam Australia,
Feedback is all good – the screen has been doing exactly what I need, and it’s easy to remove and store when not required.

Warren Auatralia,
We are very happy with our screen. Quite easy to install especially for someone who is not particularly handy (Like me) 

Norm Australia,
The screens are now installed and they look very good. Easy to open so that we can operate the hopper windows, and easy to secure back into position. 

Joan USA,
We attached our screen after waiting for the 24-hr-old Velcro to cure and today….. Very exciting! It fits fantastic and I love it. See enclosed photos.
One of the reasons I wanted your screen was to take advantage of the wonderful breezes we get up here at the top of the canyon.

Kim Australia,
We are very happy with our screen, works perfectly and looks great. The black netting is ideal as it gives the illusion of having nothing there. I am sending a photo in a separate mail as I’m not sure how to attach. Thank you for the follow up and I have recommended you to a friend who also has a very large set of sliding doors.

Graham Australia,
All screens arrived as ordered. The covered veranda is now getting much more use now with the screens in place. 

Eliza Australia,
We were wrapped with the ease of the order and delivery process. It did sit for a few weeks on our dining table awaiting the moment of truth. Today was the day. With the sun shining (we are Victorian’s) and blow flies aplenty it became a priority – and it looks fabulous. Easy to install and fits like a glove. Tonight the living space is cool and comfortable with our café window open for the first time. We will email a photo soon. 

Peter Australia,
The Flexiscreens works a treat, especially when our 6 month old Toy Cavoodle can’t decide whether to stay inside or out. I will take photos and text them to you. It was also great to get exactly what we asked for via a phone call. (we’ve recommended them to our neighbours). If you can find a way to get to new home owners before they do what we did, (put in expensive cassette screens that cost the earth) you’ll grow your business. Any follow up is also a positive move on your company’s part…well done. 

Anthony Australia,
We love our flexiscreen. Our 18 month old even knows how to operate the magnetic door and hangs off it for balance when entering and exiting! The Velcro is so strong that it holds her weight. We have recommended you to our friends as they have similar doors.

Diane India,
We love them. The weather in Delhi is just starting to cool off enough to bask in the morning fresh air, and as a recent “recipient” of dengue fever from some pesky mosquito, I love being able to do so without any of the nasties coming in. We are just heading off for a trip, but when we return we will send you a photo. I have been showing them off to friends, many of whom have homes with no way to install standard screens. What a great option you have provided. If you get a bunch of orders from Delhi, you will know why! Also, the package arrived in perfect shape, in case you were wondering. You never know about India’s postal service.

Ricky Australia,
Very happy with the screen. Quick and easy to install and it works wonderfully. We can now leave our double doors open between the lounge and balcony without being inundated with flies. Love them so much, I am trying to find an excuse to install more :-) I will send you some photos very soon. Thanks for the great service and great product. I knew that paying a little more for a quality product than what is available in Bunnings and BigW, would pay dividends and it really has. Happily recommend you to anyone.

Sally USA,
I installed the Flexiscreens last week so the dog hasn’t quite learned the technique yet but I have high hopes! As for the screen itself, I absolutely love it! It fits perfectly and it seems to be very securely attached to the door frame. We’ll go through a Colorado winter and see how it fares. I’m glad I paid a little extra for it because, after reading reviews of the ‘cheaper’ ones, I’m glad I didn’t even try one of those. 

Vesna New Zealand,
Thanks for asking. To be honest I was a bit sceptical, but it’s better than expected. I’m planning to order flyscreens for my remaining windows,so you’ll hear from me again soon.

Tess Australia,
The screens are amazing! We can finally open up our French doors and use the pergola area for alfresco dining. We have been spending so much time outdoors and doing a greater deal of entertaining with family and friends. The simplicity but effectiveness of the screens is generating much interest with our guests and we have passed on your details to a few. I will try and send some photos through sometime this week with my hubby’s fancy camera he recently purchased during his overseas trip.

Rae Australia,
I meant to contact you sooner, just to say my magnetic door screens are hanging, they fit perfectly and are working very well. I am very pleased with them. Thank you! Regards

Carol Australia,
After being patient for the glue on the Velcro to cure for 24 hours, our Flexiscreen has been installed and I am thrilled with it!! It is lovely to be able to have the door open now for fresh air (when it is not too hot). Everyone in the household learnt to use it very quickly, including our 4 legged friends and a sceptical husband. Thank you very much for your product!! My only fear is that Tom the cat will attack it with his claws – an action that will swiftly be discouraged and result in him being converted to cat-gut!! And then no further problems from him!! 

Ero Switzerland,
We are extremely happy with the Flexiscreens. The installation was really easy and they have stayed put since, weathering the strong wind and rain of the occasional Zurich summer storm. We have been able to forget about mosquitos and other critters. I only wish I would have found Flexiscreens before! 

Wendy Australia,
I am happy to say I continue to be pleased with the Flexiscreens. They have managed to cope with the bombardment from one large dog, four cats, a boisterous grandson and a careless husband. The mesh in one screen has been disturbed in one small area, I believe from cat or dog claws when chasing bugs; not something you can really prevent. 

Maree Australia,
We are loving our flexiscreen!! We can now enjoy the morning fresh air without the annoyance and aggravation of flying creatures. One of our staff members did purchase a cheaper version door screen and he is very surprised by the difference. I have attached a couple of photos for your gallery.

Mark Australia,
The service was friendly, prompt and customer focused. The product is of high quality and superior workmanship. The screen fits my doorway perfectly and is the product I have been looking for and now have found! You may recall my situation was an outward opening door to a balcony and I opted for a magnetic closing system down the centre of the screen. The only improvement I could possibly think of is to have a tab in the middle of the screen to help with opening. I have improvised on this occasion and used a little bit of Velcro and hand stitched to magnetic centre seam, so now I have the perfect situation for those times when I wish to pull open the screen to reach the door handle. I thought I would share this insight, as there may be others that wish to pull open the magnetic centre seam rather than push through. I am definitely going to recommend your business to my family and friends. 

Lee Australia,
In response to your request I have tried to capture our two furry monsters entering and leaving through our Flexiscreen (sliding door frame) at the beach. It is working a treat. They never hesitated to use it right from the start and it is certainly saving the wretched flies and mozzies from coming inside which is wonderful.
It is going to save us replacing scratched and holey flyscreen mesh which in the past they had scratched to come in; we are most grateful for your innovative product.

Lesley Australia,
Just had to say how delighted I am with my new screens, especially the magnetic door screen. Your service and the quality and finish of the the screens are second to none. 

Paul Brazil,
I am shipping these to a friend in Australia who is leaving for Brazil (where we live) to bring this to us. He leaves at the start of October. We have now fitted your flyscreens to our entire house in Brazil – they are fantastic!!

Simon Australia,
Hi there guys The flexiscreens are fantastic!! They are so easy to fit and they look great. I haven’t stopped raving about them to friends and family. I will be ordering some more from you shortly to fix up some broken ones on another place we have. Thank you for your prompt service and delivery. Warm regards Simon

Jim Australia,
The screens fit perfectly and the magnetic strip is so neat! It’s great. The dogs have no problem getting in and out and we can safely leave our french doors open. Thanks for the customer care too. The whole thing has been trouble free! Terrific. 

Mark Australia,
Arrived (amazing me again by arriving a day after my order) and even the fat cat has worked out that it is possible to get through a freely hanging mozzie “curtain” without destroying it! Although said fat cat did let herself out through the bedroom door screen at night and spent a lonely night outside because she couldn’t work out how to get back in.

Nicole Australia,
The screens arrived last week and we’ve installed them. We’re really, really happy with them and my three dogs mastered them in seconds! 

Michael Australia,
They worked a treat and the “cutouts” for the winders are a close fit. Many thanks for your care and attention, as well as the prompt supply and delivery. Unfortunately the house was vacated for tenancy two days after we fitted the screens and I’m now 550 km away. The photos will have to wait until a visit back to Sydney in a couple of months.

Bruce Australia,
Like to say thanks for your flexiscreens. The fit is perfect and completely unobtrusive, so much so that you don’t really notice they are there as you see from the photos. They leave the metal framed one for dead. The ideal screen for my baby’s room. 

Fred Australia,
Just bought one earlier this week and got it delivered two days later, it is truly a great product! Now I’m back buying two more for the other rooms in my apartment.

Sharyn Australia,
Not only did the Flexiscreens live up to our expectations, they surpassed them! We were really impressed with the prompt service and great product. As you can see from the picture, they look great. It is a fantastic option for our federation windows. We have been recommending them to our family and friends.

Sindi Australia,
I have to confess that I haven’t put them up yet, my excuse is that I am waiting for three pieces of wood to be cut by a friend with a workshop. I can say that the screens are beautifully made and that the order was filled so fast it made my head spin! Thank you for thinking outside the square and coming up with such a great product. 

Jodie Australia,
Thank you for your follow up service….we are very pleased with the flexiscreen it was easy to order, delivered very promptly, easy to install and most of all is keeping the bugs out! We are in a rental and didn’t want a huge expense but needed to stop the bugs coming in as the landlord wouldn’t have installed anything if we had asked. Thank you for your great service.

Simon Australia,
Yes they have arrived safely!! Thank you – again first class customer service – I wish other companies would learn from how you do business!!!

Catherine Australia,
I just wanted to thank you for the great screens I received today. I can’t believe how easy they were to install and how quick the delivery was! Here are a couple of photos of our new screens and just in time for the rain in Sydney! We will be placing our next order soon and recommending you to all our friends and family! Thanks again, what a fantastic idea!!

Jack Australia,
Just bought one earlier this week and got it delivered two days later, it is truly a great product! Now I’m back buying two more for the other rooms in my apartment.

Alison Australia,
We love our Flexiscreen, it’s just what we needed. We have casement windows that are fitted with bars and we bought the screen primarily to keep the cats in. The screen appears so secure that they don’t even try and escape! Perfect. The simple ordering process, fast turn around and overnight delivery was everything that online shopping should be. We are renting and I am trying to survive summer without them, but I would love to get one for every window. I am sure you will be hearing from me again. Congratulations on a great product and excellent service.

Matt & Sue New Zealand,
The flexiscreens are great… now if you can just organise some summer so we can open the windows that would be awesome! We have actually had a couple of evenings when we can open the windows and the screens are fantastic. They arrived really quickly and were easy to put up. Your site and order form was easy to use and the instructions that came with the screens were beaut.

Peter Australia,
I can confirm that the Flexiscreen was installed almost immediately upon receipt. Brief comments:
• Size was spot on (good measuring eh?)
• The Velcro was attached to powder coated aluminium so I spent a happy half hour sanding off the shine with wet and dry
• Cutting and fixing the Velcro was a bit nerve racking at first but got easier as I worked out the best way to ensure a nice straight run.
• The screen looks great – nice and taut and hardly visible. No problems so far. All in all a great result. Very happy

Sharon Australia,
Everyone that see’s them also think they are a terrific idea, well made, good value and easy to install, cheers Sharon.


David Australia,
The screens we received were exactly what we expected. The measurements were perfect and we appreciated the extra bit of Velcro :-). The screen allows us to have some fresh air whilst keeping the kitties from going outdoors on the patio. In short, we’re very happy with the product! Thank you for a good product and great service. All the best … David. The problem with a photo is that because the screens with their white boarders blend in so well with the white casements, they don’t show up in a photo. That’s what makes them so good. Needless to say, we are very impressed with your product. They certainly lived up to and beyond our expectations. Delivery was prompt, installations instructions were clear and the screens were easy to fit.

Marion Australia,
The screens are now installed, after a delay while I was away doing some work, and they look very good. Easy to open so that we can operate the hopper windows, and easy to secure back into position. Was extremely easy to install and 10/10 for performance. Will be back to get another screen soon :-)

Blair Brazil,
I installed the screen on the weekend and I was impressed, thank you. I am considering ordering two more, with the following dimensions:…..

Mike Australia,
Just want to acknowledge the fantastic service. It is great to see a company make a realistic promise – but then achieve ahead of that. Well done! You can tell the screens have arrived – meaning you confirmed my order Tuesday, made and shipped Wednesday. You will be on my “recommend” list for any others.Regards Mike.

Bronwyn Australia,
I rang my dad a couple of days after my call to you to tell him to expect the flyscreen at his post office box in about two more days. The flyscreen was for an old fashioned stained glass window in the bungalow that I was restoring for my boys to use when visiting. As I spoke to him he said “you mean the one I’m installing right now”! I don’t know how you got it to him so fast. Your flyscreen was perfect for the window as it was old and a style that would have been hard to create a new wooden flyscreen for. It fitted on well and has made the window look fresh and clean. The boys will be comfortable in there too, now that the mozzies won’t be able to bite them.
I will send a photo when we next get down there to visit. Thank you for helping make our bungalow a lot more user friendly.

Ray Australia,
I’m pleased to report that the screens fitted perfectly and stayed on the exterior of the Motorhome traveling at speeds of up to 90 km/h even in strong wind conditions and being passed by heavy vehicles. It was a real pleasure not having to fight the mozzies at night. Thanks for all of your help.

Mike Australia,
Everything fine, exactly to the specs I needed. One thing though: initially, I was a bit concerned about the 13mm requirement needed for the hook velcro, I only have ~11 mm on 3 of the sides. So, I ended up cutting (just with a clean pair of scissors), 2mm off the velcro tape. That was simpler than I anticipated and fitting perfectly. t’s really hard to take good pictures of this. I’ve attached three.Feel free to use them wherever you like!

Russell New Zealand,
They arrived just a few days after my order was confirmed. Perfect fit and great colour match with our window joinery.

Joanne and Russell Australia,
The screens arrived amazingly quickly and we are delighted with the quality and fit (as before), we are finishing our upstairs windows soon and will be ordering another batch! Well done with the measuring, they fit perfectly. Excellent service and we are recommending them to anyone who stands still long enough!…have actually just had a cuppa with a neighbor and did a quick ‘velcro’ demo, 

Lesley Australia,
Our Flexiscreens are perfect for our casement windows and we are very impressed by the quick service and superior product that you offer. 

Tom Australia,
The Flexiscreen is great. Fitted it in about 20 mins and it’s really easy to peel back to open our shutters. When we look through the Flexiscreen from a few meters backup is almost invisible. We were really impressed with your speed of turnaround. We ordered the screen on Monday and received it on Wednesday! A day earlier than you said it would arrive! We will send some photos of the installed Flexiscreen shortly, and we’ll be ordering some more screens soon too, for our other balcony. They have given our small back balcony a new lease of life, as we were immediately able to eat our dinner out there without being bitten by midgies. Also our cat is now able to go out there (under supervision) as the Flexiscreens prevent her from sitting on the balcony balustrade, and living dangerously! 

Sam Hong Kong,
Thanks for the e-mail. The screens are actually requested by the tenants and I only saw them up for the first time yesterday – they look good so I am happy. Apologies however I failed to take any pictures. If I get the chance to do so I will another time But thank you for your service, I got exactly what I wanted with minimum fuss and for that I have to acknowledge and thank you.

Robin Australia,
As expected the flexiscreens are great, fitted perfectly and good quality. I’m glad to see the quality is still as excellent as they were before and will order some more for the main room closer to summer. :-)

Anne Australia,
We have bought your screens for two properties we manage and the tenants are very happy with the result… are the landlords!! I was very impressed with the excellent and speedy service you provided and I will be recommending you to my colleagues.

Tom Australia, Thanks again for the flexiscreens. Here are some photos of the two orders you completed for us for our apartment in New Farm in Brisbane. The first two photos are of the large screen behind our plantation shutters on our main balcony, looking through to New Farm Park. The other three photos are of the series of three screens on our other balcony. Little Pino managed to sneak into the frame. Will be sure to recommend your product.

Diane Australia,
Just want to say thank you for sending the flexiscreens to me so quickly. I followed the instructions and found it was very easy putting up the velcro and then attaching the screens. They look very smart in my bedsitter and easy to operate. Thank you again for a very efficient service.

Mike Australia,
hi they are gr8 n easy to fit first road trip today, with them on, 5 hours @ 110kph…no movement, Mike.

Warren Australia,
We are very happy with our screen. Quite easy to install especially for someone who is not particularly handy ( Like me)Regards,

Karin Australia,
Here are some pictures of our flexiscreens. We are very happy with the solution. They are hardly visible and very discrete. Installation was a piece of cake – only takes some minutes per window.

Kristy Australia,

The screen is great, my two year old daughter loves it – proudly shows everyone who comes how to use it! A few friends have asked for your details – so look forward to the influx of orders from Bendigo!Just took these quickly, hope they are ok,

Judy Australia,
The Flexiscreen is fantastic and I am really glad I found out about them. Even my cats are getting the hang of walking through.

Millie Australia,
Hi, it’s a great product!! The shipping was really fast! Easy to install! I like it very much! Thank you.

Helena Australia,
I received your flexiscreens within a work week then in that week I even placed an extra order n all arrived at once. Thanks heaps. Last Saturday I installed everything and within less than 2 hours I’ve installed 3 screens. Your instructions were very clear and the end result is perfectly fitting and looks great. I’m very happy with the end result. Thanks a lot for your great service, great communication n qualitative product n delivery. Everything went perfectly.

Nerilee Australia,

We only ordered one screen from you just to see how it looked and after installing it we love it! It is so discrete and yet very functional. We have a 1920s Queenslander with casement windows and were struggling to find an option that was functional and yet did not ruin the aesthetic of the window after all the time (and money) we put into restoring them. We’ll be ordering more screens for the rest of the windows very soon.And thanks for making and sending the screen so quickly!

Juliet Australia,
I am really pleased with the made to measure magnetic doors bought from yourselves last week. Decided to do the windows too, Many thanks.

Philip Australia,
We are very pleased with the result. The screen was quick in coming and very easy to install and solved our problem of how to cover an awkward opening – we have recommended to all the family that they use your product.

Fiona Australia,
I’m incredibly happy with them. Fit perfectly, and the alteration for the stay works a treat! And thanks for the very speedy turnaround, once we clarified the measurements. I was originally after magnetic screens, but very happy I went for the velcro – much lighter I’ll probably be in touch to buy a few more soon.

Julie Australia,
The screens are perfect, except the cat has worked out how to get in but not how to get out. Have attached a photo of the french doors and am considering the screens for the front door but they will be a little bit trickier. regards Julie.

Sue Australia,
Well your screen has completely eradicated these little pests from our house. Not only has that problem been fixed but our gorgeous Beagle, Zoe just loves to go in and out through the screen without a single noise. I have recommended your product to numerous people and asked them to mention my name when they order. I know you will look after them.

Stacey Australia,
Sorry its taken me so long to get these pics to you! Mollie & Stewie would love to be fur-models on your website using the door screen and I have attached some good pics :) We are very pleased with the product and have had lots of friends compliment us on them. Of course I have been quick to promote the product then and explain how it works :) Hopefully there will be some future orders! We dont have any feedback for improvement as we have been extremely happy will all aspects (ordering, delivery time, instructions for installation and the actual product) – thank you.

Bob Australia,
Screens arrived Tuesday, installed the Velcro same day, hung this morning, it’s BRILLIANT.Thanks so much for a TOP product, beautifully made it’s mm perfect. We’ll have no problem recommending your product.

Ruth Australia,
We are so happy with our flexiscreen, it fitted perfectly, the magnets are amazing and it is just what we needed for that door opening. Thanks for your prompt service as well. 

Denise Australia,
The screens arrived last week and my partner put them up over a few days.They are beautifully made and almost invisible. And I will be recommending your screens to others. Thank you for a very nice Australian produce.

Karen New Zealand,

This is bliss! Fly season has started in earnest and the screens went up this morning after positioning the hook tape yesterday. What a difference; the doors and windows are open, the house is cool, the dogs are free to wander in and out, food hygiene isn’t a problem and no toxic sprays. It is a different home. And tonight there will be no mossies! We are delighted with the result and all going well will happily screen the rest of the windows.We had another quote for the four windows you supplied. There was an issue with the French doors as there was no guarantee of keeping the mesh in the track and with our dogs this was likely to be a problem. Thought you might like to compare the cost so have attached it to this email.Thanks for a great service, personable, fast, practical, good looking and economical. Love them!! 

Ian Australia,
The flexiscreen has exceeded our expectations, with a constant flow of traffic through the doors we covered it was always impossible during the warmer months to keep all the bugs of of the house. The new screen solved the problem. It is a perfect fit and was very easy to install. Please find attached some photos of the door.

Carol Australia,
Prior to this hot weather we are currently experiencing, the Flexiscreen has been absolutely wonderful! I have attached some photos – I am sorry the quality is not very good. Both the dog and the cat can use the Flexiscreen with ease which means they can leave the house independently. For today’s photo shoot, the cat would not cooperate (as usual) but Tilly the dog went in and out about 15 times so we could take some photos. As I said, they are not very good quality and Tilly is not that photogenic, even after a trip to the dog groomer.The Flexiscreen allows us a lot more freedom with the door. I am sure that our cooling bill will not be as high as sometimes all we need is a bit of fresh air which the Flexiscreen allows without using the air-conditioner. It was well worth the cost. I am extremely glad that we did not opt for a cheaper version as it would not have been suitable, and as we know with poorer quality articles, ‘you only get what you pay for! If this Flexiscreen ever wears out, I will get a new one double the size of our current Flexiscreen so we can have the second section of the sliding door open, rather than just one section. All visitors to our house have also been very impressed with the Flexiscreen. I passed the brochure you sent me to a friend as her daughter has a similar sliding door to us.Thank you very much for your wonderful product!!

Heide New Zealand,
Sorry took me a while to get back to you, attached some photos – just wanted to show that even our cats can manage to get through :-)We are very pleased with the screens, absolutely wonderful.Thanks :-)

Jan Australia,
Thanks for your email, and for the very easy installation of our new screen. Our brand new retirement village apartment has a door from one of the bedrooms on to the patio, designed to allow wheelchair access, and as it opens out it is not really possible to screen it with a door. The screen we ordered from you was exactly to size, it was quick and easy to follow the instructions and a few weeks of use has proved its value in letting air into the room.

Phil Australia,
We love our Flexiscreen. It arrived quickly and was very easy to install. It appears to be of good quality, and it has already made our lives easier in several ways. We don’t have to worry about our kids leaving the door open and letting all the neighbourhood mosquitoes in. Our dogs no longer bark at us to be let in or out of the house at the most inconvenient moments. We can take the recycling out to the bin without having to worry about putting it all down to open the door and accidentally dropping a wine bottle. The list goes on…No complaints at all. We’re very happy with everything so far. Thanks very much.

Sue Australia,
We love the screen we recently bought so our dog could move between the laundry and outside. Such a fabulous dog door without the huge expense and fuss! We have recommended your screen to our friends and family who also have dogs! 

Chris Australia,
We are very happy with the flyscreen, having an odd size doorway and tried a retracting roller type screen which was a waste of time and money. Flexiscreen does the job very well indeed. 

Dick Australia,
The screens are great and as you can see fit perfectly where the old ones existed. And they are quite functional as my Boxer ‘Juri’ can attest.Cheers.

Helen Australia,
Flexiscreens, great! Works as intended – but one of the best is I could fit myself. At first I was considering aluminium screens but it turns out my door is a non standard size. To get a non standard size aluminium screen fitted I’d have to pay through the nose…and deal with one guy to sell it to me…and another to measure for it…then another to fit it… and have to take time off work on each occasion to meet with these people. When you consider all the time I would lose dealing with that – the Flexiscreen is a bargain.

Margaret Australia,
The Flexiscreens were successfully installed on the weekend. Perfect fit and perfect solution to tricky windows. Thanks for a prompt and friendly service with a simple but brilliant product.

Michelle Australia,
We have just arrived back from holidays on our boat and have to say that the Flexiscreens have performed marvelously. This holiday season we are bite free!! Flexiscreens and the service provided by this innovative company is fantastic. Great communication, extra lightning speed delivery, simple and easy installation instructions and a fantastic product. There are very few applications of screening for yachts and this by far exceeds any other available. Much kudos to John & Carol and many thanks for a bite free sailing vacation.

Belinda Australia,
The screen is serving it’s function well, I haven’t closed the window since attaching it! Yes it’s more expensive than putting in a screen with a frame but it’s essentially invisible on my window frame, I’ve tried taking photos of it but it is hard to tell that it’s even there. Thanks again for your very prompt delivery of the product, I would recommend your business to others.

Bob Australia,
The Flexiscreens are installed and working to expectations. Easy to install, remove to close vents and reattach. They are installed on the inside of the roof vents in our Tvan, an off-road camper van. Although the Tvan comes with sliding screens on the vents they are very flimsy and the Flexiscreens have taken over their duty.

Margie Australia,
Yep, arrived safely and have been enjoying them ever since. We have an outdoor cat and live in an old Queens-lander that is not designed for traditional screens and that has no air conditioner. Flexiscreen has been a life saver for us in our hot Queensland summer and have allowed our cat to enjoy looking and smelling the outdoors without chasing all the birds away outside, Thanks!

Kellie Australia,
Yes thank you the second order arrived promptly and the screens are in use now. I really am delighted with them, I like that I can seal every last bit of screen, right the way around. I love them and have recommended them to all of my similarly fly – spider- and general – beastie phobic friends. Thanks again will be in touch next year!

David UK,
We are delighted with the screens which fit perfectly.
They were easy to fit following your instructions. We are now in the UK for the next few months and have a tenant in the house with the Flexiscreens so will send a photo later.

Susan Scotland,
I put the screens up on the weekend and they are perfect. We are pleased with them. It was a hot weekend here and it was great to have the windows open wide!!! Thank you once again for a brilliant service and top quality products.

Kellie Australia,
I am soooooo… happy with my Flexiscreens. The screens are just fabulous. I love that they are non – discript and you can’t notice them at all.

Anne Australia,
We are exceptionally happy with our screens. They are a wonderful invention and very reasonably priced, so yes they have our vote.

Karina France,
Second order, we are delighted with our first order, now installed and keeping us free from the ginormous flies of Brittany! Friends are impressed so you shouldn’t be at all surprised if you’ll be shipping more orders to this part of France. Thanks for great service, and a sanity – saving product!

Craig UK,
I just wanted to say thanks for my second order of Flexiscreens which arrived and are now installed on my windows.
Your product is far superior to anything else I have been able to find and am extremely pleased with them. My first batch are also working out well.

Chris UK,
The Flexiscreens are great! They were extremely easy to install and blend in well with our woodwork. They’ve kept not only the flying bugs out but the crawling ones as-well. Having lived in a few different countries and purchased products from various sources over the years the thing that most impressed my wife and I is your level of customer service. It seems most people have forgotten how to provide good customer service but you definitely have it right! It’s been a pleasure doing business with you.

Karina France,
They fit perfectly, it was easy to install and working fine. I live under a big tree and have problems with bits of vegetable matter drifting into my bedroom every time the wind blows, or even when it doesn’t my screens will cure that. Thank you for excellent and prompt service from way over the other side of the world!

Sandra UK,
They fit perfectly, they are easier to fit than I feared. I think they are a brilliant idea and I’d wish I’d got them years ago. Apart from the fly problem living opposite a dairy farm it’s great not to have to worry about moths and spiders coming in at night too.Thanks for your very efficient and fast service, I’ll have no hesitation in recommending you.

Bruce Australia,
We are very pleased with the screens, easy to fit on difficult windows!

Rod Australia,
The screens work great, we are able to remove each night and lower the doors of the gym without too much hassle, they fit so well you can hardly tell they are up even with the wider Velcro fastener.

Kellie Australia,
No More mozzies!!!! I received my Flexiscreens the day after ordering. I installed them on the weekend and they are just fabulous. Even better than I thought possible, both with quality and ease of installation. I took the measurements myself (which was pretty straight forward) and then just placed my order online on your easy to use webpage. I have already invited friends over to see the screens that I so easily installed myself (8 months pregnant!) and my friends can’t believe how great they are. Another comment they have made is how non-discript they are… if I didn’t tell them they were there, they would never have noticed the screens, which is just fabulous. You have certainly created and innovative product!! I’ve just today put in my final order which will mean every window in my house will now have a Flexiscreen! Living in Brighton, QLD we have a pretty bad mosquito problem all year, particularly during the summer months. Thanks again for solving all my mozzie problems with my casement windows.

Andrew Australia,
We installed our Flexiscreens over the weekend and they look fantastic. You can barely see them and they are a huge improvement on the nasty brown aluminium screens that we’ve hated for years. I only wish I’d seen one of your ad’s earlier.

Ann-Marie Australia,
They are great they fit like a glove.

Mel Australia,
I just wanted to write and say thank you to Flexiscreens for your help and prompt service. I ordered my Flexiscreens late on Wednesday night and arrived mid afternoon on Friday of the same week!!!! Phenomenal!!! I installed that night which was super easy and a perfect fit!!I I’m so happy that I don’t have to sleep with aeroguard on anymore!!! 

Adrian Australia,
Our Flexiscreens arrived safely and we installed without a problem. Having recently had to wrestle aluminium framed screens off and on windows in order to clean them I’m really impressed with the efficiency of your product. Some of my other windows have architrave surrounds that slope inwards at 30 degrees, will the Flexiscreen work on this type of frame?
We answered – Flexiscreens are ideal for this kind of application too, we treat it like a reveal fitting where we clip out the corners of the screen to fit nice and snug.

Richard Australia,
The narrow lengths of Flexiscreens work a treat for my aluminium sliders, I can screen a small opening easily for fresh air, a neat package. I wasn’t sure how they would work but am chuffed, a versatile product, thanks.

Charles Australia,
Screen received & installed and found to be effective for screening casement windows. Would like to order another identical screen please.

Jennifer Australia,
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have found flyscreens that are easily removable!!! I can open and close my windows without having to go outside!!! Thanks for all of your help!

Jill Australia,
It looks great and shows me how much my existing ones need a wash!. Thank you for your help, interest, consistency and having the screen made and sent at the time agreed. All this is appreciated. It shows me you really care about your product and your business.

Tom Australia,
The screens have worked a treat and feel free to quote me. Excellent service and excellent product. What a rare thing these days! You’ve saved us many summer mozzie bites.

Iris Iceland Distributor
All orders have arrived and we have very happy customers over here. Magnea wanted to say a few words about the product as she was ordering for the second time. “It is simple as that, my life changed after I got the Flexiscreens for my windows. Now I can have all my window open whenever I want, not worrying about cats and flies. Like I say to my friends and family when they see the screen. It is the best investment I have ever done.”

Sue Australia,
The Flexiscreens are very efficient and fitted perfectly. I am very pleased with this product. Our windows are the originals from a Queen-slander design and other screens would have been expensive and difficult to fit. Thank you also for your quick service. I would recommend this product to others.

Michael Australia,
Just one word to say – your product is “MAGIC”

Simon Australia,
Yes very happy indeed. We have installed them to casements windows and the fly-screens cover the opening to where we like to have the window open and locked in place. I tried to get a photo but they blend in that well that you can’t see them! Great product, thanks.

Liesl Australia,
Just a quick note to thank you very much for the amazingly quick delivery of my screens. I was really surprised and delighted to come home and find that screens ordered on Tuesday arrived on Thursday! I am off to put up the velcro tape so I can enjoy my new screens by the weekend. I have already recommended you to family and friends and hope that they will send some business your way. Before finding Flexiscreens on the internet, I had tried to get some local Melbourne businesses to quote on screens for my casement windows. I couldn’t find anyone who was able to do anything before mid January and even then at least one place said , “we don’t do quotes; either you use us or you don’t”. So, as you can imagine it is just so lovely and refreshing to deal with a company like yours. Thank you again for a fantastic product. Flexiscreens deserves every success.

Sarah Australia,
I’ve made 2 orders and now ordering more, and I love them, they are just wonderful!

Iris, Iceland Distributor
This order of 9 screens is from a very happy customer who ordered 11 last year. She loves your product!

Taisuk Australia,
It was very easy to install indeed, I think I took about 20 mins to install, most of the time attaching the Velcro.It’s really nice to be able to open the door without worrying about flies and mosquitoes.

Bruce Australia,
We have had so much trouble with our ornate security doors with the fellow that made them through to the locksmith. The only good service we have had was from yourselves. We are so pleased with the screens. They fitted perfectly and look great. Thank you for an excellent product and first class service.

Jonathan South Africa,
We operate a construction company in the major towns of the country and have had many requests from clients regarding insect screens. The difficulty has been the many varied window types. We purchased 2 flyscreens from you as a trial. We are impressed with the product and its flexibility which third world countries require.

Kitty Australia,
Screens are great! Got ’em on wed, installed ’em yesterday. easy, no fuss, no need to wait for someone to measure and quote then return to install. plus since screen is not mounted on stiff frame, there is no chance of small gaps between window frame + screen frame as everything is flexible!

Douglas USA,
Just got around to putting up 2 days ago. Installation went perfectly and they look great when up.

Stefanie Iceland,
The screens fit perfectly and I am very happy with them. I attached some pictures of the screens, because they are so good you can barely see them!

Dave Ireland,
The screens worked out well, thanks a million. My home is now flyless.

Jennifer USA,
Wow! We put up the screens – they are great! We were hoping for the best, they actually exceeded our expectation. Thank you for your wonderful product.

Bev Australia,
The block out Flexiscreens work great for our home entertainment room. I was pleased that you were able to sew the fabric that I sent you into Flexiscreens. You could offer this to other customers that have their own mini cinema perhaps?

Gillian France,
I received the screens and they fit perfectly. I am very happy with them. I will definitely recommend your screens to our friends and neighbours and will probably place an order for more shortly. I was particularly impressed with how quickly you were able to fill our order and your swift response to my email queries.

Jayne Australia,
The Flexiscreens are a great invention and work well for me as we have casement windows. As far as I know there are few if no alternatives. I found your service exceptional, top rate and delivery very prompt.

Peter UK,
The screens are working well against the odd insect, because my wife Sue likes the windows open at her time of life they are very useful to us, the best money we have spent. And with tools like the internet it enables us to buy good products like yours instead of the rubbish you can get in England because we think that countries in your part of the world are better geared up for this type of product, many thanks.

Susan USA,
I am delighted with the screens, I have already been singing praises around California and France. Many thanks for the super well made screens and the quick service.

Juliet France,
Thanks for the final screens – arrived in time to go back to France and they have worked like a dream! Can’t believe we have to get them from the other side of the world and such a simple idea. Thank you again, Juliet

Liz West Indies,
Loooooooooovely! That’s how best I can describe my screens!!
At first I didn’t have the confidence to put up the screens myself. I waited for a supposedly knowledgeable man to help. When he didn’t turn up I decided to try them myself. It was sooooooo easy! In fact I felt really silly afterwards about being afraid to put them up alone. Thanks a million – they look sleek and almost invisible. In the meantime watch this space for my next order!!!! 

Tom & Monica Virgin Islands,
We don’t believe it ! The screen arrived today & it fits perfectly.
The Flexiscreen was the answer to our problem – We have a 20 foot wide opening in the living room that has 4-5 foot glass sliding doors. The outer two are stationary. The sliding doors were missing from the time we bought the house. We had people come out to give an estimate to install two new sliding screen doors and they just shook their heads when they saw the condition of the lower track. Everyone said that the entire 20 foot unit would have to be replaced at an outrageous price.
The Flexiscreen now covers the 10 foot opening & we can leave the doors open without letting insects inside. There is another door within a few feet of the 20 foot unit that we can use to go in and out to the patio, so keeping a fixed screen is no problem.- So you might say that this is a special case. We are so glad we found you on the web. Attached are a couple of pictures to illustrate.

Bev USA,
My screens came today and perfect! What a wonderful product! As an artist, I really appreciate your wonderful design and excellent craftsmanship. Plus you were so nice to work with!

William Japan,
They are on my window.
I love’em. My friend is thinking about purchasing them for his house, I passed on your information to him.

James UK,
I am very pleased with the Flexiscreens, they were really easy to put up and are not obtrusive. I have included a couple of pictures, you hardly notice they are up at all. We got them for our conservatory double doors so that we could have free flow of air during the summer but not worry about the cats getting out. Thanks again, very good product, feel free to use this as a testimonial.

Warwick Australia,
On 11 April you sent me 2 Flexiscreens.
The screens arrived next day, they were exactly to size, your instructions were clear and concise (even to unwinding the Velcro strip from the plastic bag, thus avoiding the inevitable tangle) & the job went like a dream (even a smart carry bag to bring on site & take away rubbish).
So, very well done, your product, service & attention to detail were a pleasure.

Susan Australia,
We have installed the screens and think they are really great. Your customer service, quick response to our order and follow up is outstanding. We have already told our friends about your great “Flexiscreens” and the fantastic service you provide. So thank you and the best of luck with this great idea!

William Japan,
I would like you to know that I was pleased with the screens, that I decided to buy 2 more.

Michael Scotland,
The screens are perfect. They fit to a millimeter and do everything we want them to do. We can finally look forward to a summer without flies. With many thanks for an excellent product and service.

Ivan New Zealand,
We are very pleased with them, we will almost certainly be buying more but not for a few months. We have recently moved in and decided that the screens were an early essential item even though the timber frame windows where they have been fitted will eventually be replaced with aluminium. The fitting went without a hitch and they do the job perfectly. Thank you for the first class service, it’s so nice to deal with a professional business. I will certainly recommend Flexiscreens to my friends.

Sandy Australia,
We are very happy with the screens. I can’t think of anything you need to improve on. They look fantastic, very professional, very easy to install and use, actually better than I imagined they would look. As you know there are magnetic screens available but we figured the Velcro would hold better. I should have ordered them weeks ago, very glad we did and very happy to be enjoying a fly-free home again despite the type of window frames we have in this house, the reveal fit works well, Many Thanks.

Noriko Australia,
My current house owner found Flexiscreens by internet and she purchased for the window in my room. It is fantastic! I ‘m going to move new place in April and the house has similar windows so I decided to purchase myself this time.

Kim Australia,
Thank you for the quick response for my new flexiscreen. At last I can open my French doors on hot summer nights and get some breeze through. I think they are a great idea and have already recommended them to people.

Ricardo Australia,
I am very happy with my Flexiscreens. It was easy to install and does the job very well. Your company has a great business model which u guys should leverage to expand overseas. 

Catherine New Zealand,
I was pleasantly surprised to receive the screens so promptly. They are in place and working well, and I have been able to switch off my chemical mosquito repellent. I am very happy.

Adriana Australia,
The screen has been great, I wish I had ordered it ages ago. I have been looking for a year for a solution to the problem of being able to open the french door without having the cat escape. Flexiscreens is an easy and affordable option. It was easy to fit and size perfect. I am now considering fitting one to the back door too.

Sarah USA,
We are back. We love the screens, we need to put them on our remaining windows.

Renee Australia,
I am so happy with my screens, I waited almost three years wondering what I can put there as the window is an old design with levers. When I first heard the concept of Flexiscreens, honestly I thought they would look cheap and messy, I was so very very wrong. They look fantastic, you can’t even see them! They are great. Thank you so much for all your always friendly and prompt service.

Rick Australia,
We’ve installed our Flexiscreens on our straw bale house at Aldinga Eco Village. The screens are very unobtrusive and make window opening much easier.

Ken USA,
Our second order arrived and are installed. Thank you very much! We really love your product and customer service!

Bob UK,
Thanks for your email. Just a quick note to say we are very pleased with the flyscreens you supplied they look wonderful. We have had several comments on how good they look and how they blend in with the window. They are very easy to fit and remove. We are also very pleased with the service you supplied and also the cost. Once again, many thanks for your service and we will definitely use you again and also recommend you.

Kerry Australia,
I just wanted to let you know that the screens I ordered are great. They keep the cats in (That was the main purpose)… and the flies out! I can now have my windows open without fear of losing my pets to the busy road near us. My house was built during the depression when timber was in short supply, so the edges around the windows where the screens need to adhere are quite dodgy. There are a lot of little pieces of wood in some places, and some are not so flat. Anyway, so far so good. They are holding in place very well. As this is the only way I could have screens I am very happy. I will be ordering more.

Naveen South Africa,
The Flexiscreens are a great invention and work well for me as we have casement windows. As far as I know there are few, if no alternatives. I found your service to be exceptional, top rate, and delivery very prompt.

Denise Australia,
Thanks, I am very happy with my flexiscreens, they are very easy to install and use, and they serve their purpose very well. A very cost effective option for my type of windows. (Sash) Now I can leave my windows open for the coming summer.

Hilda USA,
The screens work just fine. My son did an excellent job of measuring the window space and the screens fit perfectly. Thanks so much for the excellent service, and the reasonable price given by you. It is wonderful to be able to open the windows and not have to worry about bugs.

Najeeb UK,
Yes I received them last week and installed them in Mums’ house, she is absolutely thrilled with them! She no longer has to keep using the bug sprays indoors which is great. Thank you for a wonderful product and great service.

Angie Australia,
We are very happy with the screen and I measured up perfectly (luckily.) We will be ordering more soon- this was a test run. We have a Queenslander style house with blinds on the inside and outwards opening windows and had a variety of people come to quote on screens, though most were either ridiculously expensive or “too hard basket” for their service, so the Flexiscreen is perfect.

Najeeb UK,
I am very pleased with the Flexiscreens that I ordered a few weeks ago, they fit perfectly and look great. I have sent you an order for 5 more for my Mother’s House, thanks again.

David UK,
Just to say that I have fitted the screens and despite their odd shapes we’ve got them perfect between us, Many thanks.

Eleanor USA,
Got the screens the same day I sent this email. Had them installed in less than an hour. What a wonderful, elegant, simple solution to a problem that has worried me for 4 years! On the hottest night of summer so far, my kids could sleep with the window open, a nice breeze and no mosquito bites. I only ordered two to make sure they would work and will be putting an order for more once I measure, Thank YOU!!!!!

Jennie UK,
Yes they’re great! We ordered them to allow us to have the windows open without our two Burmese cats falling out of the window and they are a great success. I have taken a photo to email to you. The order was held up in Customs as anticipated. I look forward to receiving the next order!

Sharnie, NSW
Thank you for great service! The screens arrived promptly and they fit perfectly. Now my entire house is “flexiscreened”!! I have attached some digital photos as requested.

Julia France,
Thanks, the flexiscreens are great and despite our tricky combination of French inward opening windows and outward opening shutters they work really well. I have now ordered more for the living area windows, as initially I only put them on the bedroom windows. Would happily recommend them to others, if I get a moment I’ll send a photo!

Margot Denmark,
I am very happy with the screen, it fits perfectly, looks like it is of great quality and arrived 7 days after ordering. No more insects or birds in the bedroom.

Siobahn Ireland,
We love our screens, they are just great, it is nice to be able to leave the VELUX window open at night and not worry that we are going to get wasp or bee in on us! I will get my husband to take a picture and send it to you. Thank you for getting in touch.

Bill Switzerland,
I’m impressed with your Flexiscreen! Installed it inside the 40cm deep well of a VELUX skylight where I first mounted 13 x 13 mm wooden slats on all four sides about half way down the well, at a distance from the top that would allow the electrically operated window to open fully. The self stick Velcro tape was then stuck to the underside of the slat frame. Looks great, works well and keeps the bugs out. Will need more screens, but have to now first install the frames and then take accurate measures. Bill.

Reda USA,
Shipping was really fast and excellent product, Thank you!

Jan UK,
Everything’s great. Thank you! This is exactly what we were looking for. I found the attached instructions on how to install it “very” useful. Basically they helped very much in preventing simple, but probably significant in effect mistakes. Photo attached. You won’t see much on it because of white facing tape, but that’s probably the point.

I ordered the first screen a couple of weeks ago and loved it. The Flexiscreen works like a charm. Now ordering more, a great product.

Darren Australia,
Our Flexiscreens arrived and we are very pleased with how they fit and look. We had metal framed versions, which looked OK- but yours are far superior and we much prefer the Velcro fasteners.

Deb Australia,
The Flexiscreens are great. They’re so simple and yet so clever. And we have had many comments from friends who also think they are amazing. They are surprisingly sturdy too and easy to install. It’s pretty exciting being able to leave the windows open in the evening now. I’d definitely order more if the need arose.

Joseph Ireland,
Just a quick response to thank you for your quick and efficient dispatch of goods all the way to Ireland and everything exactly as ordered. I must congratulate you on the only proper working web site we have purchased through. Congratulations for excellent web site, product and service.

Jeannette Mexico,
I bought some screens from you last year for my sailboat. They are the best thing we ever got. We need one for the companion now, drawing attached, thanks and how much?

Sally Australia,
I love my Flexiscreens! I received a lot of good presents for Christmas, but I don’t love them as much as I do my flexiscreens. There is nothing like fresh air without flies!! Thanks for the follow up.

Great service and delivery and easy to set up. Been watching the moths crash into it for a few weeks – so very pleased (and a lot cheaper than I can find in the UK)

William Scotland,
It is my second order with you.. the first ones were perfect! Much appreciated your great service and product.

Mackereth Australia,
The screens fitted the boat hatches perfectly, thanks for the prompt service.

Jeanette, USA
I like them just fine. I installed them right away and they are fine. I am going cruising to Mexico soon and I am sure that they will work great. I will pass your name around. Did you try the boating market? There are a lot of cruising boats now and they all have a bug problem.

Michael & Lorna Australia,
Re our recent order, we could not believe our reaction when the screens turned up here in Brisbane 3 days after ordering them on the net. Amazing – real service does still exist. The screens themselves are wonderful – just like you, we have an old house and nothing is square. We are delighted with the end result.

Michael Australia,
A company with a customer focus how novel. No the screens work great just what we needed. We will be after some more in the near future and I will keep your email on my system. Again thanks for your help you have given me some of the best service I have ever had anywhere, cheers.

Gordana Australia,
I love my screens, this summer seems to be particularly “buggy” it’s wonderful not to be infested with flying creatures! Totally easy to put up. Hoping to order, more in the new year. Thank you for organising it all so quickly. They are fabulous, Happy Xmas & New Year.

Mathew Australia,
My Flexiscreens work beautifully, thank you very much. My wife commented that she thinks they work better than roller screens that she had planned on buying at a much higher price. I buy a lot of stuff from the internet and I have to say that your level of service was excellent. Your web site is clear, concise and easy to order from. You then kept me informed of my order throughout the entire process and shipped it in a timely manner. Happy New Year to you and I hope you do well with your business.

Russel Australia,
We received the flexiscreens they are great, my husband did a wonderful job installing them. You can hardly see them. They solved the problem of screens on casement windows.

Koh Australia,
We loved our flyscreens; they have made our summer more bearable without the long wait of having conventional screens installed. We are very happy.

Ray, NSW
I’m very happy with my flexiscreens. It’s summer now & before I had the flexiscreens I couldn’t keep my windows open because of the moths and other insects. Now that isn’t a problem any more. Even though I’m not very handy I managed to put them up really nice. Thanks again for this very effective and easy to use solution.

Peter UK,
I can’t think of any way that you can improve, the delivery was speedy and the product was cheaper than I can get in the UK. The screens appear very robust and well put together; I am a well satisfied customer.

Chris USA,
I don’t know if my husband wrote to you or not to let you know that the screens are perfect fit! We have the screens in the windows and they are wonderful. The packaging was fine, couldn’t believe how compact it was. We are so excited about having the screens now. Thanks so very much! I’m sure we’ll be ordering more very soon. Thanks again, we love the screens, they’re a life saver and so are you!

Heather USA,
We love them so much!! We have cats that aren’t allowed outside and it’s just made a HUGE difference. The cats love having the windows open so they can sit in them of course. They are PERFECT Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!

Stuart UK,
I am really pleased with my flexiscreens. I was a little nervous as to whether the measurements would be accurate or not, but it was perfect. Almost as if someone had come and measured it personally! They work well, which is the main thing. Oh, and just as a side note…thanks for the quick delivery. I received them within 5 working days which I was well impressed with. Thanks again.

Iris Iceland,
Our customers are very happy with your product, you have not overlooked any thing… it’s just perfect! One customer constantly mentions how very good material they are made from and how very well they are made, he does not stop talking about how great they are.

Wendy UK,
I’m really pleased with my screens and have already had a couple of my neighbours in to look at them. You hardly notice them at all which is great as I did worry that they might look a little bit unsightly but they are just great. I’ll probably place an order for my bathroom windows at some point soon. I’m impressed that such a simple idea could be so effective; we have had days & days of rain recently which brought a plague of crane flies. I hate these bugs so much that I can’t sleep if any are buzzing about the room so the screens will be fantastic for keeping them out! Thanks again for such a great product.

Beth Australia,
Thanks for the follow up, I received the flexiscreens thank you. Really impressed with the service, very prompt. I would be happy to promote your product around here. There are many old style fibro houses like mine that have push out windows and the flexiscreens might be the answer to a lot of other people’s hassles as well. Thank you!!

Nic UK,
Great product- I purchased one screen as a proof of concept for our wooden Edwardian conservatory and your solution works well and is very unobtrusive. Now returning to order the remainder screens. Thanks. Forgot to mention that the builder of the conservatory was well impressed, the screens match his quality workmanship.

William Ireland,

Well, where do I start? The fly screen not being a popular household item in Ireland because of the window types used here [casement], I am hoping that flexiscreens will change all that. I have started installing flexiscreens here for the past few months and I have had only positive feedback from every customer.
I like them because they are simple to install, easy to use, and the quality of material is high. It gives peace of mind against nasty flies, wasps, etc. and I would not hesitate in recommending flexiscreens.
To me, it is a brilliant product and it sells itself. Thanks for the great service.

Brad Minnesota,
I want to stress that not only did flexiscreens afford me the only solution that I am aware of to the problem of effective insect screening for my type of center pivoting windows; I am convinced that it is a superior system for screening traditional windows as well. They are light, strong, and well made; they keep the bugs out and they let the fresh air in.

Angie Australia,
Hi there, I will get a photo to you shortly. We are very happy with the screen and I measured up perfectly (luckily.) We will be ordering more soon- this was a test run. We have a queenslander style house with blinds on the inside and outwards opening windows and had a variety of people come to quote on screens, though most were either ridiculously expensive or “too hard basket” for their service, so the Flexiscreen is perfect.
Will order more once we get time to measure up and will send a pic soon, thanks Angie.

Andrew Australia,
I am very happy with the Flexiscreen – the quality is good, the instructions were clear and it went up without difficulty. It looks great!! My windows all lie behind bars, making conventional flyscreens almost impossible to use. This is an ideal solution. I have 4 more windows that need flyscreens, so I will be ordering more shortly. Thanks for the follow up!

Sharnie Australia,
Thank you for great service! The screens arrived promptly and they fit perfectly. Now my entire house is “flexiscreened”!! I have attached some digital photos as requested.

Mackereth Australia,
The screens fitted the boat hatches perfectly, thanks for the prompt service.

Michael & Lorna Australia,
Re our recent order, we could not believe our reaction when the screens turned up here in Brisbane 3 days after ordering them on the net. Amazing – real service does still exist. The screens themselves are wonderful – just like you, we have an old house and nothing is square. We are delighted with the end result.

Gordana Australia,
I love my screens, this summer seems to be particularly “buggy” it’s wonderful not to be infested with flying creatures! Totally easy to put up. Hoping to order, more in the new year. Thank you for organising it all so quickly. They are fabulous, Happy Xmas & New Year.

Mathew Australia,
My Flexiscreens work beautifully, thank you very much. My wife commented that she thinks they work better than roller screeens that she had planned on buying at a much higher price. I buy a lot of stuff from the internet and I have to say that your level of service was excellent. Your web site is clear, concise and easy to order from. You then kept me informed of my order throughout the entire process and shipped it in a timely manner. Happy New Year to you and I hope you do well with your business.

David UK, (Hostel Manager)
Excellent results with the Flexiscreens.
Am sending your details to head office, hopefully for inclusion on our preferred supplier list! No suggestions to improve what you already do so well!

Karen UK,
Flexiscreens are fitted and working as weather here tries to imitate that in Australia. Thank you for all your help, I was impressed with your level of service (you saved me lots of money too!)