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Save on your power bills with Flexiscreens! flexible insect screens. Open your doors & windows for a cooling breeze! Custom-made. Free Delivery Worldwide!

Do you wish you could leave your doors and windows open, but constantly get harassed by mosquitoes and other flying bugs

Do you have an outdoor space you would like to use more, but cannot due to mosquitoes and bugs wanting to eat you for dinner?

If this is you, then you need our Flexiscreen fly screens.

We make bespoke flexible insect screens for doors, windows and unusual shapes, you simply measure, fast FREE delivery for easy DIY installation.

Safe and Effective Barrier

Flexiscreens provide a safe and effective barrier for you & your family against disease carrying mosquitoes and flies.

VELCRO® Brand Fasteners

Flexiscreens flexible insect screens are perfect for doors, outdoor rooms and windows attach by VELCRO® Brand fasteners.

Long Service Lifetime

The neodymium rare earth magnets used for the door screen closure won't weaken or rust over time. Providing long service.

Perfect for Pets and Children

Our magnetic self-closing system for door insect screens, enable you to walk through with your hands full, perfect for pets too.

No loss of View

The mesh in our flyscreens ensures unparalleled vision so you can enjoy your surroundings.

12 Month Warranty

Flexiscreens come with a 12 Month warranty, covering workmanship and components.

Robust and Durable

Long lasting. We only use top quality components that are robust and durable at affordable prices.

DIY Installation.

Tradesman and tool free installation, making them simple for DIY installation.


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Flexiscreens are suitable for a range of doors i.e. Sliding, Bi-fold, French, Ranch style, Pocket, Stacker, Concertina, Decorative security doors, Garage Doors, or even your gazebo and any outdoor entertainment areas.
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Flexiscreens can be used to screen any outdoor area provided it has a structural component to fix the screen to.
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They fix to the window frame on all 4 sides by a continuous strip of 13mm width self-adhesive VELCRO® Brand fastener providing that slim neat appearance.
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Unusal Shapes

If you have the need we have the solution to your screening requirements. Flexiscreens can be fabricated to most shapes and sizes, big or small.
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Hi guys, Love your product and have got 3 years out of it with 2 kids charging through it on scooter, trikes and every other imaginable toy. Everyone comments on how great a product it is. Regards Richard.


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