Flexiscreens® are custom-made in Tasmania, Australia and shipped FREE Worldwide.


- Measure up - see our easy guide to measuring.
- To convert inches to millimetres (mm) multiply inches by 25.4 and round the answer.


- Enter measurements in MILLIMETRES to get the price. (No commas, decimal points, or letters.)
- Select trim colour.
- Please unselect "Magnetic Closure" if ordering window screens.
- Select mesh type. None checked will default to Standard mesh.
- Please note: Our maximum roll width for Micromesh is 1220mm.
- Click the "+ Add Screen" button to add more screens, click the "X" to remove.
- Please note: Extras, like additional magnetic closures, cut-outs, or non-standard items, will be separately charged.
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If unsure about any questions call us +61 0429500258 or skip and we will contact you.
You can Email a picture of your door or window so we can advise.
Install type

Is your screen going to be installed on the Face, or the Reveal?
NB: Face fit is far superior & over 5 times stronger than Reveal fit. (See diagram below)
See pictures below showing reveal Vs face fit.
Flexiscreens can attach to both the Face & reveal in combination.
Please note: Reveal fit on door screens needs 25mm VELCRO® Brand fastener for added strength.


Unfinished - you have measured the opening only and you have not included the allowance for the VELCRO® Brand fastener. (This is the required measurement for REVEAL fit)

Finished - you have included the allowance for the VELCRO® Brand fastener, your screens are made exactly to your measurements.

Mesh Type

Mesh comparison
Our Premium Mesh provides great tear resistance and is about 7 times stronger than standard mesh.
Great for commercial use, pets, children, outdoor rooms etc.
Please note:
Standard mesh & Micromesh for doors are unsuitable for high traffic areas, commercial use, robust children/pets and locations that are exposed to sunlight, or harsh weather.
Premium mesh should be used instead for the above situations.

Magnetic closure position (Doors Only)

Door screens are made with one central magnetic closure by default, if you require an offset closure please mention it in the comments box below e.g. 400 mm from right hand side on the side of installation.
Please Note: All references to offsets are taken from the side that the screen is to be installed.
Also mention in the comments box if you need more than one closure. These are charged at $140.00 and will be invoiced separately.

Door type for closure overlap. (not required for window screens)

The magnetic closure overlaps either left over right, or right over left.
By letting us know what type of door you have, we can make the overlap easier to put your hand through to access the door handle.
This is when viewed from the side you are installing the screen.
If your door opens inwards, or slides on the inside of the room, your screen will be attached on the outside.

What is the Frame made from?

What is the window, or door frame made of? – NB: Not suitable for unfinished stone, brick, masonry, raw or oiled timber.

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