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Flexiscreens flexible insect screens are manufactured in Tasmania Australia, by the family business owned and operated by Carol & John Mc Grath. Our insect screens are made in Australia under fair working conditions. After visiting factories filled with both adults and children working in unacceptable conditions it was evident that manufacturing Flexiscreens overseas was not an option. We decided to keep production in Australia under ethical, safe and monitored conditions. Countries like India, Africa and China are exploited by the developed world as slave nations, we should open our eyes and reduce our ignorance. Sweatshops should not be a part of the modern world. Support Australia, young people and the ethics you believe in and buy Flexiscreens insect screens!

flexiscreen® bug & mosquito screens are custom-made to your measurements, incorporating high quality VELCRO brand fasteners, thus achieving a high quality end product ( don’t settle for anything less.) The loop part is twin stitched to the mesh and the self-adhesive hook attaches to your frame. The flexible construction of these mesh fly screens enables them to be folded and posted to you. We use Australia Express Post to send our flyscreens within Australia and airmail for our overseas orders, free of charge.

Several Holidays to Tasmania from the Adelaide Hills eventually led us to a business manufacturing fly screens.

We (Carol & John Mc Grath) –  mug shot above, moved to Tasmania, Australia’s most southern state in August 2000 and commenced development work on the flexiscreen® insect screen concept in October of that year. We found that the windows in our 1860’s cottage in the beautiful Huon Valley could not be screened with “standard aluminium” or rigid framed insect screens. The windows were out of square, oddly shaped and just impossible to screen. We were desperate to have some sort of screening being surrounded by cows!   Because we experienced these problems we felt there must be other home, boat and caravan owners like yourselves, experiencing the very same. Aluminium screens as you know are difficult to manufacture to the tolerances required to keep out crawling insects, they are generally unsatisfactory in the way they attach to the window frames, usually by means of a small spring-loaded clip or swivel hooks, which often break. flexiscreens® flyscreens solve all of these problems by providing a complete seal. After months working on a prototype, flexiscreens® was born in 2000. Our biggest challenge was mastering the right manufacturing and distribution model. We had teething problems initially but learned quickly. We realised that our primary market were glaziers and window furniture suppliers. Our other market was you the home, boat, van owner who are confident using a tape measure and wanted to purchase without leaving home. Even the not so confident have been surprised how easy it is to measure and install a Flexiscreen. Word of mouth, driven distributors and an easy-to-use website are important components for getting our bug screens onto your windows. We are amazed at how much business is generated through you, our customers passing on our details to your many friends and families, along with our distributors spreading the word in their industry. Don’t hesitate in ordering your next flexiscreens® flyscreen, we know you will get hooked too!! Check out our online flyscreen order  page for a DIY purchase or contact one of our friendly fly screen distributors to do it all for you. Give us a call on 1800 66 66 79, or +61 3 6224 5868 and talk to one of us for further professional advice. Our National and international sales are continually growing but this will not impact on our high quality product, our strong customer focus also remains paramount!  We at Flexiscreens draw on years of experience to create the best answer to your screening requirements. We are proudly Australian made and owned too!

There are plenty of inferior look-a-likes in the market place (“they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”) so ensure you buy the genuine flexiscreens® brand to avoid any disappointment!

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Flexiscreens - The Flexible Insect Screen

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