Protect your loved ones from insect borne disease by installing Flexiscreens on your Doors and Windows!

We have 3 types of insect mesh

Premium Mesh

Designed to meet the needs of today’s screening requirements, our new Premium Mesh offers the ideal combination of strength, durability, visibility and airflow.
Manufactured from hard-wearing polyester, our new Premium Mesh is the perfect choice for doors, patios, verandahs, pool enclosures and entertainment areas, as well as many other residential or commercial applications. Premium mesh is recommended for doors with moderate to high traffic.
Tear and Puncture Resistant
Our Premium Mesh features high strength vinyl-coated polyester core yarn, designed to resist punctures and tears caused by pets, children and wind-blown debris. This fabric is also exceptionally durable for lasting aesthetic appeal and low maintenance.
Impressive Visibility and Airflow
The weave structure offers great protection against pests and insects whilst also allowing impressive visibility and airflow through the screen.
UV Resistant
Our Premium Mesh is ideal for use under the harsh Australian sun. It features UV tolerant properties to provide excellent colour retention, longevity and filtering characteristics.
Mildew Resistant
Our Premium Mesh also includes a biocide compound that resists mildew growth, yielding longer lasting beauty from the fabric.
Premium Mesh has a 63% open surface area and has 17 x 14 strands per inch. 0.35mm diameter yarn.


Standard Mesh

Our standard mesh is PVC coated woven fibreglass and is flexible and pliable.
Impressive visibility through the screen, economical to use, UV stabilised to ensure long life.
Standard Mesh has a 68% open surface area and has 18 x 14 strands per square inch. 0.25mm diameter yarn.
Standard mesh is only recommended for doors with low traffic.


Micro Mesh

If you live in a sand fly prone area, usually tropical areas, extra fine mesh to keep out the really small insects, or No-See-ums. Micro Mesh has a 50% open surface area and has 18 x 30 threads per square inch. 0.25mm diameter yarn. •If you are not in a sand fly prone area we recommend using our premium, or standard mesh, but if you are worried about smaller insects such as midges then go for the Micro Mesh.


Additional charges for non-standard mesh are added on after you submit your order and then confirmed by separate email.

Question: Can I have my screens made with a coloured mesh or another fabric?
Answer: We use mesh that is charcoal in colour this allows for the best vision, coloured mesh obstructs the view through the screen.
•In saying that if you have a particular application and fabric that you want made up and it can be sewn with an industrial sewing machine then please ask.

How do you use a flexible Flexiscreens®?

•The beauty of using a VELCRO® Brand fastener for a window insect screen is that you simply peel back the corner of the screen nearest your latch to open your window, it then presses back into place.
•For the door screen you simply walk through the magnetic closure which closes automatically behind you. Remember to use a flat hand, or your elbow to open the screen.

Can I install this type of bug screen outdoors?

•You can install Flexiscreens inside or outside remembering of course like any material that is exposed to the elements has a shorter life, in saying that Flexiscreens are fabricated using the highest quality components available.
Simple DIY Installation time is about 10-20 minutes.

How do I clean my Flexiscreens®?

•Firstly vacuum or brush the mesh to remove any unwanted dust or dirt.
•Use a microfibre mitt dipped in cold water to remove any soiled areas, rinse and repeat if necessary.
•Follow up and dry with a microfibre cloth (see attached photo of microfibre mit and cloth, available from your local hardware store.)
•The VELCRO® Brand fastener part stuck on your frame can be vacuumed or cleaned with a stiff dry nailbrush.

What are Flexiscreens suitable for?

•Flexiscreens® are suitable for a wide range of windows, doors and large openings, including;
sash & casement window screens
•awning & hopper window screens
•out of square window screens
decorative security doors insect screens
•windows with shutters
•Both new and old windows as well as for any other unusually shaped opening, custom made to your measurements.
•They are also suitable for large openings and doors that require screening.

Do you make a screen for a large opening that I can walk through?

•We custom make door fly screens (not to be confused with the cheap mass produced versions that are widely advertised on TV) that have tiny neodymium magnets (rare earth) inserted down the centre, this allows you to walk through and closing automatically behind you.
•The door screen is anchored at the top of the frame by a continuous strip of 25mm width VELCRO® Brand fastener, the sides are anchored by a continuous strip of 13mm width VELCRO® Brand fastener.
•We use on average 24 pairs of high quality neodymium magnets (rare earth) for the magnetic closure allowing easy access and ensuring perfect closure every time.
•Access points can be positioned where you need them most.
Ideal for pets, children, even adults who have their hands full.
•Use our Price-Order page to obtain a free no obligation quote, free delivery.

My Decorative security door needs an insect screen but it has a lock?

Decorative security doors and windows can be screened with ease. See the last 3 pictures here.
•Flexiscreens fix on all 4 sides of the decorative frame similar to our window screen. 
•We can cut out for the lock if you supply its dimensions i.e. how far down from the top of the door, how wide, how long, there is a charge of AUD 10 for this, we confirm with you before processing your order.

I have shutters and bars, can your fly screen suit this application?

Flexiscreens® bug screens are ideal for shutters, you can attach to the reveal part of the frame that sits neatly in between the glass and shutter. We have many requests for this application with positive outcomes. 

What if I don’t have a 13mm (.5″) edge to attach my Flexiscreens®?

•Flexiscreens® fly screen can sit on any plane so if you don’t have a face wide enough (this is the part of the window frame that faces you as you are looking at your frame) you can attach it to the reveal (this is the part of the frame that is at right angles to the face.) If you envisage looking into a lid of a shoe box this is how your Flexiscreens® will sit into your frame, we clip out the corners for a neat snug fit.
NB: Face fit (Shear) is far superior and over 5 times stronger than Reveal fit (Peel). (See diagram below)


  • Flexiscreens® are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for twelve months.
    All materials have been carefully selected to provide maximum durability.
    Mechanical damage is expressly excluded from our warranty, as we cannot control how the screen is used.
    Our standard mesh is only recommended for door screens with low traffic.
    Ideal application temperature for the VELCRO® Brand fastener is above 18c.
    Performance of the adhesive is not guaranteed because the use of this product is beyond our control, no warranty expressed or implied can be given for the results obtained. The adhesive used in the VELCRO® Brand fastener is a high performer when handled correctly (installation instructions supplied with each purchase.)
    All screens are manufactured to the measurements given – screens cannot be altered after fabrication and therefore we regret we cannot provide refunds for incorrect measurements.
    We do however replace screens fabricated incorrectly by us at no charge to you. From our experience we have found that if you measure your window according to our measuring instructions you cannot go wrong.

When is my credit card charged?

•Your order is transferred to us via our secure server (2048 bit RSA) with further encryption of data occurring by an encryption engine designed exclusively for Flexiscreens. We check your order, and charge you when your screens are ready for fabrication.
•We accept VISA and MASTERCARD. EFT is available in Australia; Bank: CBA, BSB: 067 105, Account number 1049 2558.

Currency Exchange

•Your card provider will handle the exchange between Australian $ and your own currency. On your invoice you will see the amount in AUD. For example AUD 100.00 would = NZD110.67, USD76.14, EUR63.80, CAD96.73, SGD102.45, or GBP57.10 approx as at November 2017.
•To check the current rate visit the XE.COM currency converter. Please note this is approximate, your bank may add a margin to cover conversion costs.

How do I obtain a Flexiscreens®?

•You can order fly screens on line by using our secure Price-Order page, they are delivered free of charge to your door ready for you to install.
•Alternatively if you are not comfortable ordering on line you can call us, we are more than happy to take your details and answer any questions that you may have about your pending order.
To get a price, or to order on line; enter your measurements in mm, select the trim colour, enter postal and payment details and select SUBMIT ORDER.
•Once we receive your order you will receive an automated reply followed by a personal email from us confirming your order and dispatch date.

What additional charges apply to my order?

•The final cost of your choice of mesh (other than standard) will be confirmed to you by email.
•The widest mesh we stock is 2450 mm (96″) but we can join the mesh for larger screens, this incurs an extra fee AU$25.00/ lineal metre.
•Cut-outs for locks, window winders, incur a charge of AU $15.00 each
•All door screens come with one magnetic closure, if you want more than one Magnetic closure there is an extra charge of $99.00 each.
All extras are confirmed by you before we process your order. Free delivery worldwide.

What is the turnaround time of my order?

•We are proud of our turnaround time. Australian customers are looking at around 5-6 working days or less from order placement, your parcel is sent by free express post.
•If you are not in Australia, you are looking at 7-10 business days from dispatch date, customs pending. In the many years of operation we have only had a handful of parcels that have been delayed by customs, all with a positive outcome.
•All orders are delivered free worldwide.
•We ship daily to you (Monday to Friday) worldwide.
•International orders may incur custom duties which is out of our control and is paid by you.

Why should I choose Flexiscreens – The Flexible Insect Screen?

•This type of screen is not going to snap, blow off, break, shrink or stretch like old fashioned rigid and difficult to use insect screens.
•These insect screens can be manufactured for any shape or sized opening.
•Normal screens are rigid and typically not able to be specified in awkward locations such as odd shaped or out of square windows and doors, they don’t provide a complete seal against flying and crawling insects either like Flexiscreens® do. Being flexible means they can be easily ordered on-line and posted direct to you (free delivery) ready for an easy DIY installation.
•The reason we use VELCRO® Brand fasteners for our screens instead of the self adhesive rubber magnetic strip is because the VELCRO® Brand fastener holds on indefinitely – speeds of 110 km/hr have been noted.
•Self adhesive rubber magnetic strips can weaken with time resulting in your screen falling away. You will also find they are not as flexible as VELCRO® Brand fasteners.
•The VELCRO® Brand fastener has flexibility allowing the screen to be folded and rolled for storage along with ease of use when in situ.
•The VELCRO® Brand fastener also has the potential of 10,000 openings (this is approximately 14 years if you open and close your window daily.)
•We use high quality components to ensure longevity and performance.
We custom make our door screens to your exact measurements they are not a mass produced item.
•Each door screen is fabricated using a continuous length of 25mm width genuine VELCRO® Brand fastener for the top fix and 13mm for the Left & Right Hand Side.
•Rare earth magnets that won’t rust and weaken over time are used for the magnetic closure.
•Our Premium mesh is PVC coated woven polyester and our standard mesh is PVC coated woven fibreglass, trim tape is fire retardant and UV stable, polyester core threads.
•Each door comes with a 12 month warranty against faulty components and manufacture. NB: Mechanical damage is expressly excluded. Please avoid sharp objects.
•Proudly Australian Made.