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To obtain a price for your window fly screens or a door screen with a magnetic closure, use our calculator below. You can play with the calculator as much as you like, it does not send any information to us until you click “Submit Order”. You will receive an automated reply once you submit your order, we personally email you within 24 hrs to confirm your order and to provide a dispatch date.


Please call us on 1800 6666 79 if you have any questions related to our Magnetic Door Fly Screens.

  • If you wish to order a door screen with a magnetic closure you must tick the box otherwise you will receive a standard rectangular Flexiscreen.
  • We position the magnetic closure in the centre by default unless you request otherwise.
  • If you require an offset closure please mention it in the comments box below e.g. 400 mm from right hand side on the side of installation
  • If you want more than the one magnetic closure please tell us in the comments box, also mention where you would like it positioned. (Additional charges apply)
  • If you have French Doors or similar it is worth considering having the magnetic closure down the centre of that favoured door instead of centred between the two, this allows easier access if the other door is closed.
  • If you need Cut-outs for your locks or winders, tick “Cut-outs” and enter the details of where you want the Cut-outs in the comments box.
  • If you require more than one screen click on the green “+ ADD SCREEN” and another box will drop down.
  • To convert Australian Dollars to your currency visit www.xe.com

Additional charges that may apply to your order:

  • Flexiscreens fly screens are available in Micro-mesh too for those tiny critters like midges, sand-flies etc. Micro-mesh incurs an extra 40% to the total price, only available in 1220 mm (48″) roll width but we can always join if you require larger Flexiscreens.
  • The widest mesh we stock is 2450 mm (96″) but we can join the mesh for larger screens, this incurs an extra fee.
  • 25 mm width Velcro fastener used for larger screens that require that extra hold; this incurs an extra charge per perimeter/metre, this width is only available in black or white. Some large door screens may need the wider Velcro too, we will suggest it if this is the case.
  • Cut-outs for locks, window winders, doggy doors etc incur a minimal charge.
  • If you want more than one Magnetic closure there is an extra charge of $99 each.
  • All extras are confirmed with you before processing your order.
  • Almost anything is possible with the Flexiscreens fly screen, challenge us!

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