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Please rest assured that we confirm your order with you before we proceed.
- Measure up - see our easy guide to measuring.
- To convert inches to mm multiply inches by 25.4 and round the answer.

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- Enter measurements in millimeters to get the price. (No commas, or decimal points.)
- Select trim colour.
- Please unselect "Magnetic Closure" if ordering window screens.
- To convert Australian Dollars to your currency please visit XE.COM
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Additional information for your screens. Click on the question marks below for an explanation. ?

If you are unsure about the questions below, please skip and we will be in touch.
Install type

Is your screen going to be installed on the Face, or the Reveal of the frame?

Face or reveal fit diagram

Unfinished - you have measured the opening only and you have not included the allowance for the Velcro.

Finished - you have included the allowance for the Velcro, your screens are made exactly to your measurements.

Mesh Type

Inches comparison

Mesh size comparison - Inches

Metric comparison

Mesh size comparison - Metric
Magnetic closure position (Doors Only)

Door screens are made with one central magnetic closure by default, if you require an offset closure please mention it in the comments box below e.g. 400 mm from right hand side on the side of installation. Also mention in the comments box if you need more than one closure.

Magnetic closure overlap (Doors Only)

Magnetic Closure Overlap is 13mm. If your door handle is to the Left of the closure, we would make the overlap left over right and the opposite for the right side. This makes it easier to access the handle.

Frame type

What is the frame made of? – NB: Not suitable for unfinished stone, brick, masonry, raw or oiled timber.

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