Sash windows have one or two moving vertical panes.

  • You have a choice of screening the whole sash window with a Flexiscreen allowing warm air at the top of the room to escape and drawing cool air into the bottom section.
  • Or you can simply screen the top or bottom opening, this works out cheaper but still allows adequate ventilation.
  • Prior screening for sash windows usually meant having a flyscreen that pulled up or down with the sash pane, these often came away allowing insect intrusion and endless frustration. We put an end to this.
  • Flexiscreens overcome this problem of screening as they allow each sash window to be operated independently if you so desire.
  • To operate the screen simply peel back to push up/down the sash component. Some rigid framed screens needed to be removed completely just to operate a sash, very time consuming.
  • Our insect screens can be installed externally or internally, the choice is yours and both work well.
  • If you don’t have a face to stick the Flexiscreen you can attach to the reveal, this is the section of frame that is at right angles to the face of the frame.
  • You mention reveal fit in the comments box when ordering and we do the rest for you.


Bedroom casement window screens

Casement Windows are hinged at the side as in the above photo.


  • Quite often this type of window couldn’t be screened at all due to the fact that it was hinged on the side and it pushed outwards, a fixed screen made it impossible to open the window without having to remove the screen completely and then re installing once opened, or have the insect screen hinged as well, but this often interferes with window furnishings. This continual operation was very time consuming and often weakened the rigid frame.
  • Our bug screens can be installed internally allowing you easy access to the stay and handle so you can push out the window. Once opened the fly screens just fall back into place reforming the seal.
  • Sometimes a casement has a stay that protrudes past the frame into the room, this can be overcome by opening the window fully or by a cut-out in the screen.
  • Once again peel back the Flexiscreen to push aside your casement pane, it is that easy!
  • A simple solution for such a difficult to screen window and complimentary to your decor too.

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Fly Screens for Sash & Casement Windows

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