We manufacture a high-quality, magnetic-closure flexible screen for doors (not to be confused with the cheap imports from Asia that are flooding the market.)

Easy installation and effective fly screens for french doors, sliding, bi-fold doors and large openings has been a difficult problem to solve up to now. However, a marriage of old and new materials mean that reliable and robust fly screens for doors of all sizes is not only possible, we are taking orders now! » Click here…


Our magnetic closure fly screens for doors provides easy passage and result in an insect screen that  automatically closes behind you. The tiny neodymium magnets inserted down the centre channel allow you to exit and enter your space with ease. The fly screen can cover large openings, such as ranch-sliders, French doors and veranda enclosures. Magnetic closure fly screens are custom manufactured to your exact measurements from high-quality components.


Easy-to-follow instructions make installation of your DIY magnetic fly screens a straightforward project with terrific long terms benefits.


Please call us on 1800 66 66 79 (Australia only) if you have any questions related to our Magnetic Door Fly Screens.

Even our four legged friends love Flexiscreens, check out our canine friends Rio and Marvin and Martin the feline.


Large Opening Door Magnetic Screen

  • Flexiscreens fly screens for doors that you can walk through and close automatically behind you no matter what side you enter from. We use high gauss magnets that ensure closure every time as well as providing easy access and resistance to moderate winds (we found Velcro fasteners for the access point unsuitable as it snags clothing.)
  • The tiny neodymium magnets we use are coated and do not corrode like the ferrite magnets used in the cheaper products.
  • We make to your exact measurements this results in a tailor made door screen that fits snug, looks neat and tight. Say goodbye to baggy looking screens that don’t fit properly and look messy.
  • The Body of the Flexiscreen consists of two panels of mesh which  are sewn together at the top using 25mm width Velcro this provides a stronger hold. We only overlap 13mm, this gives more head space.
  • The screen is anchored to the top of  the door frame by a continuous strip of 25mm width Velcro brand fastener and 13mm width for each side of the door frame, the access point operates by tiny magnets making it user friendly and functional for both pets and humans.
  • We recommend using 25mm width Velcro for the sides of the door screen if it is for a reveal fit or if the doorway is large.
  • The bottom of the screen door does not fix to the floor it remains free to allow for easy access.
  • We add an extra 13 mm trim to the bottom of the screen to ensure the screen just sweeps the floor reducing entry of unwanted insects, it also compensates for any doors that may be out of square. This extra trim may be cut off should it not be required, it will not fray.
  • Our magnetic door screens are suitable for any door size or large opening, custom made to your requirements and not to be confused with the cheap, mass produced versions that are flooding the market and last only days.
  • Manufactured using high quality components, carefully selected to provide long life and ease of use.
  • If you require insect screens for a bi-fold or sliding door, veranda enclosure, servery hatch or need any thoroughfare screened, then visit our order page now. » Click here…
  • You can have your Flexiscreen installed and operating in no time at all, we are proud of our fast turnaround and high quality product.
  • The screen material is PVC coated woven fiberglass mesh which is tough and durable (Not cheap netting that will rot in no time), charcoal in colour which allows you the best vision through your door.
  • You have  a choice of 3 trim colours to match your frame (fire retardant and UV stable) and genuine Velcro brand fastener (black or white only) to anchor the magnetic door insect screen to your frame.
  • We use a black trim for the centre magnetic overlap, we find that it makes the opening less obvious matching the mesh.
  • High gauss magnets are inserted down the centre opening at 100 mm intervals (28 pairs on average) this ensures automatic closure every time.
  • The magnets withstand moderate winds too, high km winds are a challenge but then so would having your door open in such conditions.
  • Ideal for pets, children, even adults with their hands full.
  • Easy install in minutes (install instructions supplied) and virtually invisible.
  • The body of the fly screen is fixed to the top with 25mm width Velcro brand fastener and to the sides by 13mm width Velcro brand fasteners ensuring strong anchorage (not by thumb tacks and small pieces of cheap generic hook and loop.)
  • When measuring, you need to decide where you will attach your door screen. Remember that you need a 25mm lip for the top anchor and a 13mm lip for each vertical side. You supply open measurements and we will add on for the Velcro allowance. Don’t forget too that it can stick on the reveal of your frame if you are short of frame on the face. We recommend using 25mm width Velcro for reveal sides to ensure stronger hold.
  • The magnetic closure is placed down the centre of the screen unless you require it to be offset, if this is the case just mention where you would like it to be positioned when ordering.
  • Each screen has one magnetic closure only, additional ones can be added if your screen is extra large allowing more access points, there is an extra charge for each additional closure.
  • Flexiscreens are long lasting, this equates to reduced landfill in turn caring for our environment.
  • View the gallery and see what our happy customers have.
  • To obtain a price please visit our order page where our calculator will do it all for you, free fast delivery too.

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Fly screens for doors

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