flexiscreens insect screens suit both indoor or outdoor applications and are fly, bug, midge & mosquito-proof screens. They are agreat alternative to rigid and difficult to use traditional insect screens that break and bend. They are held onto the window frame by a strip of 13mm (.5″) “self-adhesive” VELCRO® hook tape. This hook tape runs continuously around the window frame, it is self-adhesive and will adhere to virtually any clean dry, sound surface. Raw porous surfaces must be avoided unless sealed. Information on fly screen installation here. The loop of the VELCRO®  (the fluffy part) is double stitched to the fly screen mesh along with a trim tape to match your frame. »

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Flexible Insect Screen Benefits

  • Our insect screens provide a complete seal against flying and crawling insects, not many insect screens provide this barrier.
  • No waiting for trades people to measure and install, order on line to obtain, and then its a quick DIY install of fly screens, you don’t even need to leave home.
  • Our flexible bug and mosquito screens will fit on all planes of a surface i.e. around corners or curves, facings or reveals of window frame. Flexible too – we fold and post direct to your door for an easy DIY installation!
  • If you want to screen sliding windows/doors and you only want to screen the width that is opened then a flexiscreen strip works well and is cost effective. You can have whatever width to suit your opening. » Read more…
  • High performance VELCRO brand fasteners, available in our standard width of 13mm or 25mm for those larger Flexiscreens.
  • Durable – high quality components, genuine VELCRO brand fasteners will operate up to 10,000 times, won’t snap or blow off  like our competitors. Don’t be fooled by those that look similar and use inferior quality hook and loop, we use the genuine Velcro brand fasteners.
  • Versatile – with numerous applications and shapes, excellent for fly screening out of square windows. If you have a need for any specific screening ie. block out for your home theatre or sky light then supply the fabric and we will make for you,  just ask!
  • Simple, fast flyscreen measuring diagrams.
  • Easy DIY insect screen installation instructions, (Your average install time is around 10 minutes) we are proud of our fast turnaround too.
  • Easy to use – just peel back a corner to open or close your window/door, won’t break/bend or fall off when you operate your window no matter how large your insect screen is.
  • Slim, discreet appearance – blends well into your existing surroundings, many customers say they are invisible once installed, trim colours to match your frame!
  • Low profile – won’t interfere with your close fitting screen doors or window shutters etc.
  • Easily removed for you to clean or perhaps store away when not needed.
  • Great for renters as you can take them with you.
  • Roll up/fold for storage in winter, other screens need a large flat area to be stored away.
  • Cost effective solution – cheaper than retractable screens, dearer than aluminium screens but we don’t break/rust/bend/ drop off and we last longer.
  • Easy to buy – simply order your insect screens online for a DIY installation.
  • Or through one of our great local fly screen distributors who will do it all for you. You can call us on our free call number 1800 66 66 79 and speak to a real person for an obligation free quote and professional advice.
  • Proudly Australian made and owned (Tasmania actually – top place!)
  • Fast free delivery to your door worldwide ready for an easy installation, you no longer have to wait.
  • Free Express Post if you live in Australia and free airmail if you live overseas.
  • To relocate your flexible screen to another frame The Velcro Company recommend a product called Un-Du available from your local hardware store. Brush the product onto the self adhesive hook on the frame, allow to penetrate, and remove in one easy step. Clean up with WD-40 or a citrus based cleaner. You can order more tape from us if you wish to re use this fly screen again in another location. Removal of hook using this method won’t damage the surface of your frame. We don’t recommend that you tug at the hook on your frame, firstly it won’t come away easily and secondly it could remove layers of paint and damage your frame.

Flexible Insect Screen Warranty

  • Our customers choose us for a high quality insect screen, value and great customer service.
  • Our bug screens are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for twelve months. All materials have been carefully selected to provide maximum durability for your insect screen.
  • Unfortunately the warranty does not cover accidental cuts made by sharp objects and the like, the mesh does not spontaneously tear.
  • The fibreglass mesh will not corrode like aluminium. Our fibreglass mesh is streets ahead of what some manufacturers use which results in a better looking tougher end product.
  • Ideal application temp. for the Velcro brand fastener is above 18c. Performance of the adhesive is not guaranteed – because the use of this product is beyond our control, no warranty expressed or implied can be given for the results obtained. The adhesive used in this VELCRO brand fastener is a high performer when handled correctly (installation instruction supplied with each insect screen purchased)
  • All screens are manufactured to the exact measurements that you supply – we add 13mm (.5inch) to each side of your screen unless you indicate otherwise. We regret we cannot provide refunds for incorrect measurements, however we can re-size if you have over measured for your insect screen, there is a minimal charge for this service.
  • Folds in your new insect screens will fall out within 24 hours so no need to worry.

Flexible Fly Screen Specifications

Trim Tape: PVC laminated woven polyester, UV and FR (fire retardant) treated, matte finish, waterproof, available in black, white, grey, beige for the 13mm width and black and white only for the wider 25mm.

Screen: PVC coated fibreglass-charcoal in colour which allows the best vision. The widest mesh we stock is 2450 mm but we can join to accommodate any size you require. We also stock Micromesh/No-See-Um for those irritating midges and sand-flies too, this comes in a width of 1220mm only.




High Quality genuine VELCRO® brand hook (self adhesive) and loop fasteners: available in black or white in widths of 13mm (our standard width) or 25mm for those bigger screening jobs.
Flexible screens use Velcro self-adhesive tape

Flexible Mesh Screen Cleaning

  • Our fly-screens are easy to remove for cleaning, this does not include washing machines, however we are trialing that at the moment, so watch this space.
  • Meanwhile the insect screen mesh can be cleaned by hand with a banister brush and soiled areas with mild soapy water and a damp cloth.
  • The hook part can be cleaned with a dry, stiff nailbrush, or vacuumed.
  • If you need to remove the hook we recommend using Un-Du to dissolve the glue. Have a read of Un-Du Product data or have a look at this Youtube target=”_blank”>video of Un-Du in use.

Flexible Insect Screens – Ease of Use

Our mesh insect screens attach simply by aligning one corner of the screen with the VELCRO® hook tape, which is already stuck to the window frame, and pressing into place.

The insect/fly screen is so easy to use; simply peel back from the corner near the window latch, open the window, and then simply press your fly-screen back into place. No fiddly catches or rigid frames to struggle with. What could be easier!

  • Flexible bug/fly screens are the great alternative to rigid insect screens. They won’t break, snap or blow off like some of our competitors. » Read more…
  • Our fly screens can be made to most shapes; triangle, rhomboid, octagonal, out of square etc – their use is limited only by your imagination!
  • We are the ideal problem solver for those difficult windows such as; sash & casement mosquito screens, hopper & awning bug screens, magnetic door fly screens and the like, and will stick to most surfaces such as steel, aluminium, timber and PVC. A great do it yourself enclosure or replacement window screen.
  • Flexible mesh screens even fit to the reveal of a window frame, this is the section that is at right angles to the facing of the frame, we nip out the corners to fit snug into the recess, almost like looking into the lid of a shoe box.
  • Our screens are available in four trim colours which suit most décors. The slim, discreet appearance has a low profile for that integrated look. The insect screen mesh is charcoal in colour, this allows the best vision, coloured fabric obsctruct your view.

Custom Window & Door Screens

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We can fill any of  your window covering ideas. Go to our order page to obtain a price, you can use the calculator as much as you like it only comes to us if you click “send.” Alternatively you can call our free 1800 66 66 79, or +61 3 6224 5868 and speak to a real person for professional advice. We can provide prices for unusual requests too.

Links: For more information on VELCRO® visit http://velcro.com

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